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Travel-and-Leisure Bangalore is the dream destination to ring in the New Year in all its pomp and gaiety; and do you know the reason why? Your options here are unlimited. There are numerous places to visit in Bangalore and myriad options for celebrations. The city comes alive on December 31, each year. Whether a quiet get-together, an exciting sightseeing tour, or a party with a DJ in attendence, the Garden City is the place to be. Attend a Concert When it comes to Places to Visit in Bangalore for Celebrating the New Year, music concert venues are a fantastic choice; provided it is a part of your unique taste. Live performances are big rage during this time of the year and your choices range from Carnatic music to rock concerts. Music culture here is extremely vibrant and you can easily be a part of it and welcome 2015 in style. Head off to a Pub Bangalore has a lively pub culture, a popular destination for the party hoppers. Some of the extremely popular watering holes in India are located in this city. Beautiful weather, cosmopolitan culture, a big reputation for partying, and a hip crowd makes the pubs a great place if dancing, partying, and boozing is at the top of your mind, this New Year’s Eve. Shop Hopping There can be many ways to usher in the New Year in Bangalore, so why not do it with some great shopping! Commercial Street is one of the places to visit in Bangalore. It is a great place to shop for silver jewelry, designer bags, export quality clothing material, and footwear. If you want, you may even give vent to your funky self for a change and get a tattoo for the thrill of doing something new and exciting. Visit Koramangala Located in the Southeastern region of Bangalore, Koramangala is a happening place to be for the New Year celebrations. Even 20 years back, it was this Spartan locality compared to other thriving areas in the city that has been popular with the crowds. Here you will find some of the best shopping malls and numerous nightlife restaurants, and discotheques. Here you will be able to catch live music bands and numerous events that rev up the night of December 31 . Visit MG Road, Brigade Road, & Residency Road People searching for the best places to visit in Bangalore that host gala events in the city on the New Year’s Eve, shouldn’t miss the celebrations at MG Road, Brigade Road and Residency Road. These areas are famous for a nightlife that reaches its pinnacle on New Years Eve. These roads together combine to form the busiest destinations in Bangalore. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: