Pakistan Intelligence the remaining 4 wheel Cruzeiro took only 3 points to avoid relegation success-rainism

Pakistan Intelligence: the remaining 4 wheel Cruzeiro took only 3 points to avoid relegation success Wednesday 006           Pakistan   VS   Recife sports Cruzeiro     2016-11-17; 07:45;         stadium: Retiro stadium, Recife weather: 26° a cloudy Pakistan 35 round, Recife sports home court against cruzeiro. Diego – Sosa scored two, Roger Leo scored 1 goals, Recife sports on wheel away than 3 0 over the past 4 rounds Gremio, 3 wins 0 flat 1 negative good performance, ranking also rose to fourteenth, left the League 4, as long as the Recife sports to get 3 points to determine the 100% relegation success. This week, Recife sports home court against thirteenth ranked Cruzeiro, two teams are only 1 points. The last 10 meetings, Recife Sports 2 wins 2 flat 6 negative at a disadvantage, but the last 3 home court against Cruzeiro was 1 wins and 2 draws unbeaten on a home court against Cruzeiro is in the distant November 8, 2009, when the 2 – 3 defeat. The war was called up for the national team midfielder Wallace will be absent, midfielder Roberto injured at the same time, Hugh, and defender Saville lifted the midfielder Riise and win is the return, ACE center Diego Sosa, who in the season until now Pakistan scored 12 goals, ranked second top scorer, Be Fred only 1 balls, now is the impact of the golden boot. Sobis, Keita, Allison, de well-line Alaska have scored, the last round of 4 than the 2 Cruzeiro home court beat powerhouse Fruminen Jose, getting 3 points for the optimistic prospect of further relegation cruzeiro. Zhanba 34, Cruzeiro plot 44 points ranked thirteenth, at Santa Cruz and America Mineiluo this two team has been ahead of the next downgrade, Cruzeiro, Recife sports, Corey Siti Ba, Vitoria, Brazil international, Figue Ellen J will be to avoid relegation, the highest score 4 round the remaining Cruzeiro, only got 3 points to avoid relegation success. This week, at the Recife sports this season Cruzeiro, Pakistan first round, had more than 2 lost 1 Cruzeiro home court, the meeting is bound to want to back each other, Cruzeiro City, and has strong performance at Cruzeiro in the home court, this season after 17 League 6 wins 2 flat 9 Cruzeiro, negative 20 points, ranking from the table sixth. However, at the moment of injury Cruzeiro is still very serious, midfielder Allison accumulated yellow card suspension, goalkeeper Fabio, defender Dede, midfielder and defender Mike, midfielder Robinho, rafinha Alberta, midfielder striker Alex, striker Rudi million are injured to battle. Nearly 10 times the two teams clash, Recife Sports 2 wins 2 flat 6 negative, into 6 ball, lost 13 ball at a disadvantage, Recife sports in recent 6 times against Cruzeiro home court record of 3 wins 2 flat 1 negative, into 6 ball, lost 4 ball slightly dominant. (Nazario)相关的主题文章: