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Pu Jinhui apologize again difficult previous president Han people support rate low – Sohu news local time November 4, 2016, South Korea, in the television broadcast of President Park Geun Hye speech. South Korean President Park Geun hye released a televised speech that day, on the good friend Cui Shunshi behind the scenes to do the incident again stand. Pictured employees watching TV live. In new network on 5 November, (Li Xiajun) local time 4 days, South Korean President Park Geun hye again issued a national speech intensified "bestie intervention" to apologize, commitment is willing to accept the prosecution’s investigation. Korean media pointed out that this will be the first time in the history of the constitution of South Korea, South Korea’s president to accept the prosecution investigation. However, Pu Jinhui’s position does not seem to make people satisfied, its support rate hit a record low of 5% previous presidents. Pu Jinhui apologize again for the new low support rate of 4, the national Pu Jinhui delivered a speech at Chong Wa Dae, again after a lapse of 10 days of "bestie" Cui Shunshi behind the intervention case apology, and said that is ready to accept the honest prosecution investigation prepared when necessary, even willing to accept the special prosecutor investigation group. Pu Jinhui said, was supposed to benefit the national economy and people’s life in hopes of promoting the project, but the specific person in this process is to enrich themselves, break the law, this is all his fault and oversight by. Concern on the outside of the "cult" rumors, Pu Jinhui for the first time publicly denied: "people say I fall into the cult, or (religious ceremony) in Chong Wa Dae, but I want to clarify that no such thing." Because the South Korean constitution has stipulated punishment is not on the president, South Korea is no incumbent president prosecutors to accept written communications, door-to-door, any form of investigation precedent. Politicians generally believe that the rise in politics demanding a thorough investigation of the truth of the situation of public opinion for the door, Pu Jinhui gave up the criminal prosecution exemption announced to accept the prosecution investigation there was no alternative, became South Korea’s first announced to accept the prosecution investigation of the incumbent president, "in the history of the Korean Constitutional 68 years left on a shameful page". South Korea pollster Gallup (Gallup Korea) 4 announced the results of a survey, the South Korean people to President Park Geun hye’s support rate fell to 5%, given the negative evaluation of the proportion of 89%, a record of the previous president supported the lowest rate of record. Two staff detained or under investigation with Park Geun hye, as of press time, South Korean prosecutors have been detained or arrested 3 and "dry administrative personnel". The evening of 3, one of the core characters, Zheng Hucheng, former deputy secretary of Chong Wa Dae, was detained, prosecutors are investigating whether the incident to the parties to the Chong Wa Dae to convey confidential documents to Cui Shunshi. The Mir consortium controlled by Cui Shunshi former Secretary General Lee had said in an interview, Zheng Hucheng almost every day to 30 cm thick report information to President Cui Shunshi ", Cui Shunshi reviewed the data. The prosecution intends to investigate the process of leakage of the document, Zheng Hucheng, 5, Xu brought the arrest warrant. Earlier in the evening of 3, Cui Shunshi has been formally arrested. Prosecutors will be in the longest 20 days of Cui Shunshi’s various doubts to carry out further investigation. Former Chong Wa Dae manager.相关的主题文章:

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14 Market: Audi Q5   down 80 thousand yuan; the car rally good — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn   recently, the editor understands, at present the shop there are cars Car Buying Sylphy, can enjoy preferential 20 thousand yuan. Interested friends may wish to look at. Details please refer to the following table: Sylphy models preferential price list models MSRP price discount car 2016 Sylphy 1.6XE manual comfortable version 119 thousand 99 thousand yuan 2 universal car 2016 Sylphy 1.6XL manual Deluxe Edition 125 thousand 105 thousand 2 2016 yuan of car Sylphy 1.6XE CVT Comfort Edition 129 thousand 109 thousand 2 2016 yuan of car Sylphy 1.6XL CVT Deluxe Edition 135 thousand 115 thousand 2 2016 yuan of car Sylphy 1.6XL CVT exclusive edition 137 thousand and 800 117 thousand and 800 2 2016 yuan of car Sylphy 1.6XV CVT 139 thousand and 800 119 thousand and 800 yuan 2 wisdom enjoy version of universal car 2016 Sylphy 1.6XV CVT Zhi Zun edition 146 thousand and 800 126 thousand and 800 yuan 2 of car 2016 Sylphy 1.8XL CVT Deluxe Edition 150 thousand 130 thousand yuan 2 universal car 2016 Sylphy 1.8XV cyberway CVT version 159 thousand 139 thousand yuan 2 of car market price fluctuation Frequently, the actual discount rate please to shop consultation for quasi   (commissioning editor: Dou Ming, Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章:

Men work on the first day of Jiangxi power plant suffered collapse accident the fragility of life headache怎么读�

Men work on the first day of Jiangxi power plant suffered collapse accident: fragile life scene original title: the first day started, Lao Zhu caught up with the accident in November 24, Fengcheng youth online (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Li Jingying) at 7 o’clock, old swim up to the toilet. Just listen to the outside to hum a loud noise and scared him a jump, he thought it was someone playing firecrackers in the morning, but soon felt wrong, because then heard a huge sound of metal striking back. Then he saw a shocking scene: not far from the cooling tower under construction, the tower collapsed. "It’s over. It’s going to die."!" Old swimming constantly said. Hong Kong village is the nearest village from Fengcheng "11.24" accident scene. The old village, the two storey house tour from the cooling tower in the accident and the nearest tower collapsed. It is reported that the cooling tower belongs to the three phase of the expansion project of Fengcheng power plant, the construction unit is Hebei billion smoke tower engineering Co. ltd.. Fengcheng power plant three expansion project was started in December 28, 2015, of which the cooling tower project (total height of 165 meters) was started in 2016 in April, the current cooling tower construction completed more than 70 meters. The cooling tower construction since the day and night, 24 hours shifts. When the accident occurred, the construction unit is zero class and early handover. This is the old tour to determine the death of many people, the basic basis. Zhu Renhe (a pseudonym) rental in Hong Kong Village, he is Jiangsu Yangzhou people, he and dozens of villagers came here from Yangzhou, because they are the "boss" from a Hubei electric power construction engineering company has got the project "install steel stove" work. "They (the casualties in the accident) is doing civil work, we do the installation," said Zhu, the accident occurred, he was working. First time to the scene of the accident. Old Zhu came from Yangzhou yesterday, today is the first day of his work, it was the accident. "Human life is too fragile! I don’t want to do it. I’ve been home these two days!" Like the old Zhu told reporters, and like himself! The accident, has confirmed that 67 people were killed and 2 people were injured, and another 1 people are in the rescue.相关的主题文章:

Maison Du Roi, take a look at the king’s home how luxury – Sohu travel mp7a1

Maison Du Roi, look at the king’s home has many luxury travel – Li Hongyu Maison Du Roi is a Belgian Sohu by the most magnificent building here, although nominally the Belgian Royal family’s residence, but the king and queen does not live here, and live in the suburbs of the Laeken palace. Maison Du Roi is located next to the National Park in the center of the city, although the king and the queen do not live here, but here is the king’s office and the reception of other heads of state visit. Maison Du Roi has a long history, but in seventeenth Century when the French army had been destroyed, and now see the Maison Du Roi is the end of seventeenth Century to construct, began to put into use until the beginning of the nineteenth Century. Maison Du Roi, like the rest of the Imperial Palace, has a very solemn design and interior decoration of the luxurious atmosphere. The whole palace is mainly composed of marble, filled with different relief sculpture, very spectacular. The interior decoration of the palace, with reference to the Palace of Versailles of France, large murals and crystal lighting can be seen everywhere. The palace is very large, clear function division within the country, has a magnificent banquet hall, VIP reception room environment elegant, with all kinds of precious artwork ornaments, old furniture and fine carpets, impressive. In ancient times, Maison Du Roi is the residence of the king, the king eats office here. At the top of the palace there is a national flag. If the flag does not rise, it means that the king is not in the palace. Boarded the palace, overlooking the old city of Brussels. Brussels has a long history, can be seen everywhere in nineteenth Century eighteen old buildings. In front of the palace, Brussels National Park, the National Palace in the back of the park, which is the headquarters of the Belgian parliament. Travel Raiders came to Belgium, Maison Du Roi is almost impossible to miss. Although the palace is very large, but not all places are open to visit, the entire palace tour from the entrance to the export of a route, along the route can be visited. The entire tour time in 2-4 hours, if you go faster, just less than an hour to go, but it is not interesting. In the palace there is not only good-looking, there are some fun games can be interactive, if you visit, you can pay attention to. Author: Li Hongyu, based in Chongqing, traveler, photographer, hotel sleep tester, the media will roll; scenery, can shoot portraits, manuscripts, about shooting, cooperation please add WeChat @happyness510; I want to know the story of travel please pay attention to the micro-blog @Mr or WeChat public @Mr, Li Hongyu Li Hongyu, welcomed the interactive graphic copyright; all, for sharing or reprint please contact me first invasion.相关的主题文章:

Install an application on iPad to make it touch bar tinyos

In a iPad application to make it a Touch Bar video loading, please wait… It becomes Touch Bar automatically play forward and backward a computer and a iPad now has Touch Bar Sina mobile phone news on November 7th morning news in iPad with a play application, some foreign developers to do a App, can make iPad new MacBook Pro Touch Bar touch function. Touch Bar touch with the new MacBook 11 to mid to late in the hands of the user, some developers in order to experience this new hardware, do a iPad version of the application Pro. After the installation, the iPad through the data cable connected to the Mac, you can simulate a similar Touch Bar operation. Probably the effect such as video demonstration. Although it is a copycat version, so far no real good experience, but it can make people almost no cost to experience Touch Bar, let you know how it works. At present, this application has been open to play? You have to determine the following conditions: 1 computer system version is macOS Sierra build 16B2657, is already in the system supports Touch Bar. 2 Touch Bar Demo App v1.1 installed. (download) 3 connect iPad and Mac with data lines.  相关的主题文章: