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Russian Gas Delivery Should Bypass Unreliable Ukraine ? Former US Official Sputnik InternationalRussian Gas Delivery Should Bypass Unreliable Ukraine ? Former US Official ? Sputnik Sergey Kozlov11:20 28.04.2015(updated 13:25 28.04.2015) Get short URLFormer US Assistant Secretary of Energy Chuck McConnell said that he, being a US taxpayer, does not want the United States to pay the gas bill for Ukraine. ? RIA Novosti. Grigoriy SisoevFormer US Official Gives Positive Outlook for Russia’s Energy SectorHOUSTON (Sputnik) – Russia should seek to bypass Ukraine to transport gas to European suppliers, former US Assistant Secretary of Energy Chuck McConnell told Sputnik in an interview. "Should a supplier like Russia look for alternative ways to get around Ukraine? Yes, you should look at them," McConnell, currently the head of Rice University’s Energy and Environment Initiative, said. Last week, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Russia will most likely refrain from transiting gas to Europe through Ukraine once the current contract expires in 2019. With that goal in mind, the country will focus on the construction of gas transport infrastructure to Turkey. McConnell stressed that Ukraine in many instances has shown itself to be an unreliable customer. "What I have observed is many people in Ukraine looking for someone else to pay their bills, and often times that turns into the United States being there to supply them. When you don’t pay your bills, you can’t expect your supplier to continue to be happy with you. I think the dynamics in Ukraine have not been well represented," McConnell said. ? East News Science Photo LibraryFormer US Official Says Middle East Against Fracking to Control Oil SupplyMcConnell added that, being a US taxpayer, he does not want the United States to pay the gas bill for Ukraine. Russia has repeatedly expressed concern over Ukraine’s untrustworthiness as a transit country. Currently, up to 40 percent of Russian gas is delivered to Europe through Ukrainian territory. In December 2014, Moscow announced the cancellation of the South Stream gas pipeline, citing EU objections. The pipeline was intended to traverse the Black Sea to deliver Russian natural gas through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia to Italy and Austria. The Turkish Stream pipeline, with a similar capacity, will replace the South Stream. The new pipeline will travel through Turkey to a gas hub on the Turkish-Greek border for further distribution to consumers in southern Europe. The Turkish Stream is expected to begin operating in December 2016.

but a new form of psychotherapy swaps the black leather sofa for running shoes and takes treatment into the great outdoors. Developed by London-based psychotherapist William Pullen

The downlow on Dynamic Running Therapy – The downlow on Dynamic Running Therapy By Mark Russell 16 June 15 Could a recently developed type of therapy that gets you up off the couch and into the great outdoors help to convince more men to seek help for depression and anxiety. GQ gets the inside track on Dynamic Running Therapy Rex Features What is DRT?"The couch" may be shorthand for therapy, but a new form of psychotherapy swaps the black leather sofa for running shoes and takes treatment into the great outdoors. Developed by London-based psychotherapist William Pullen, Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) sees professional and patient jog side by side during sessions, blending traditional talking therapy with natural movement. The logic is simple: replace the static atmosphere of the therapist’s office with the outside environment and you bring mind and body back together.How does it work?The idea for DRT came to Pullen around eight years ago. "I was going through a difficult break-up and took up running as one of several things to try to break the back of the state I found myself in. I ran with a friend who was getting divorced and I noticed that it helped us to talk," he says. Anyone who has ever been for a mild jog with a partner will recognise its conversation-fuelling powers and the stimulating sense of camaraderie the exercise can bring. "Somehow it felt as if one were being proactive, like I was addressing it," says Cullen of his experience. "And I think as a man it helps because you want to do things."As well as this sense of physical progress alongside the often more elusive mental and emotional breakthroughs in treating depression, anxiety or related issues, the very fact both patient and therapist are taking the steps together can help make the process less intimidating. "When you run side by side, you know that I’m taking every step you’re taking, which is very different to the power dynamic in regular therapy where you’ve got to show up at my office and then we face off with each other." Of course, on top of this, you also have the benefit of simply being out in the fresh air, using your body to generate natural mood-boosting endorphins.What do you talk about?GQ joined Pullen for a session in London’s Hyde Park and the relaxed environment certainly helped to put us at ease for talking one-on-one – a process which does seem to be an uncomfortable experience for many men, particularly newcomers. Despite being in a public place, talking about private and delicate matters came easily, flowing more naturally than within a therapist’s office. Deep questions concerning your issues – such as how you think it started, what you do to cope, when it’s at its worst etc – strangely flow easily as you pound the pavement. As an integrated psychotherapist, Pullen uses his experience and training in different schools of theory to work with you and subtly steer the conversation into useful areas and ideas. Whatever sort of therapy you embark on it’s never a quick fix, but DRT does certainly feels like you get off on the right foot and allows you to transition smoothly into areas of conversation that can be hard to get to in a traditional setting.Who’s it for?The shift in dynamic, the informality of the setting and the sense of physical progress could, as Cullen says, all prove to be particularly useful for attracting men to this type of therapy. With a study last year revealing that men still only make up a third of patients receiving counselling for depression and anxiety, anything that can be done to help make therapy a more comfortable prospect for men can only be a good thing. What if I can only just about run for a bus?Don’t be put off if you’re not a "runner", either. Pullen makes clear that it’s most definitely not a training session and patients are as likely to want to walk as run, depending on their fitness levels. DRT is very much like any other therapy in that the patient sets the pace – albeit it’s the speed of the running as well as the talking that you’re in control of.Where can I do DRT?Sessions are available in central and west London, and cost ?150 for 50 minutes.Via Dynamic Running TherapyLike this? See more on health and fitness Mark Russell Mark Russell is the Managing Editor of GQ and GQ Style. Follow him on Twitter @GQRunningman.

21 Март 2015 And while some users jokingly complained about how hard it is to compose poetry

Roses Are Red or World Poetry Day 2015 on Twitter Sputnik InternationalRoses Are Red or World Poetry Day 2015 on Twitter ? Flickr William Brawley20:00 21.03.2015(updated 22:30 21.03.2015) Declared in 1999 by UNESCO, the goal of the World Poetry Day is to promote poetry throughout the world.On March 21, the World Poetry Day is celebrated all across the globe. Declared in 1999 by UNESCO, its purpose is to promote poetry throughout the world. Obviously, few Twitter users would’ve missed such an opportunity to practice their rhyming skills. Here are a few of the more interesting examples. The Sneeze Ah . . ah . . ah . . ah . . ah Ah . . ah . . ah . . ah . . ah . . ah . ah Ah . . aah . . aaah . . HAIKU!!!! #WorldPoetryDay — Mrs Stephen Fry (@MrsStephenFry) 21 Март 2015 Roses are red, Violets are blue, I suffer from dual personality disorder; So do I. _ #WorldPoetryDay – CK&KE – pic.twitter 95ikJcw4mM — Superman (@SupermanTweets) 21 Март 2015 Roses Are Red,  Bacon Is Too,  Poetry Is Hard, Bacon. #WorldPoetryDay — Ron Swanson (@Sir_Ron_Swanson) 21 Март 2015 There once was a young limerick from Kew who turned into a haiku. #WorldPoetryDay — Brian Bilston (@brian_bilston) 21 Март 2015 — The Poke (@ThePoke) 21 Март 2015 @CityofStJohns . Garbage truck just came Should have listened to advice Leave trucks parked in storms — Walter Harding (@waltharding) 21 Март 2015 And while some users jokingly complained about how hard it is to compose poetry: To-con-vey one’s mood In sev-en-teen syll-able-s Is ve-ry dif-fic Haiku by John Cooper Clarke #WorldPoetryDay — Anna Barnett (@LancsChinaHire) 21 Март 2015 Others disagreed with them: Make Everything Seem like a Poem By Hitting enter Too many times in A sentence #WorldPoetryDay — TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) 21 Март 2015 Happy Poetry Day everyone!

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Peak of Inflation in Russia Passed – PM Medvedev Sputnik InternationalPeak of Inflation in Russia Passed – PM Medvedev ? Sputnik Alexander Astafiev12:52 24.04.2015(updated 14:06 24.04.2015) Get short URLRussia’s economy is under extreme pressing, but the peak of inflation has already been passed, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Friday. ? Fotolia Alexey BelikovRussia Managed to Prevent Spiraling Inflation, Ruble Strengthens – PutinMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Medvedev said that the pace of economic growth has slowed and “has crossed into the negative red zone.” “Our economy has, however trivial this may sound, come under extreme pressing,” Medvedev said during an Economic Development Ministry meeting. The prime minister added that "external conditions remain unfavorable" and there were no expectations they would improve in the near future. The Russian economy came under increasing pressure last year amid plummeting oil prices and the Western sanctions imposed on Russia. The Russian national currency, ruble, lost almost half of its value against the US dollar by December 2014, but it has since regained some ground. The current exchange rate stands at around 52 rubles to one US dollar, as compared to some 36 rubles in August 2014.  

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Global Economic Recovery ‘Moderate, Uneven’ Sputnik InternationalGlobal Economic Recovery ‘Moderate, Uneven’ ? REUTERS Yuri Gripas18:54 09.04.2015(updated 19:10 09.04.2015) Get short URLInternational Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde said although the global economy continues to recover, growth is slow and irregular.WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The global economy is in recovery, but growth remains irregular, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde said on Thursday. “Global recovery continues, but it is moderate and uneven,” Lagarde stated during her speech to the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC. ? Sputnik Alexei FilippovIMF Lowers 2015 Global Economy Growth Estimates From 3.8 to 3.5 PercentThe global economy experienced 3.4 percent growth in 2014, which Lagarde stated was in line with the average growth in the last three decades. Lagarde noted that while advanced economies have experienced some growth and tangible recovery from the last decade’s financial crisis, “in some parts [of the world] people don’t feel it.” The IMF and the World Bank will be holding their annual spring meeting in Washington, DC next week. At that time the IMF will release its revised World Economic Outlook.