Old drivers are also guilty of halo! Electronic oil dipstick will not see how to do happynewyear

Old drivers are also guilty of halo! Electronic oil ruler will not see what I can do I often see the nose of the car on the road, but no matter what because of problems, many older drivers would like to open the cabin cover to check the regular course of official duties of oil ruler, but a "silent meditation that the oil does not owe". Use before the network popular lines will not see the oil foot cook is a old driver". A few days ago a years of driving experience "old driver" find me, said he had just bought the car oil quickly burned away! I carefully asked to know that his car is equipped with electronic dipstick, through the multimedia screen to find the oil level is almost sure, scared he immediately stopped the car on the main road, a five… Electronic oil foot should be how to see? More and more luxury cars have joined the electronic dipstick, which will greatly facilitate the owners to check the oil level, only the owner can see whether the loss of oil in the car. However, a lot of cars because of reduction with the abolition of the traditional dipstick, which caused confusion to many owners, how much oil? The oil level is near the bottom. However, this does not represent the amount of oil in the oil pan, only shows that the oil level is close to the normal range of the minimum value, then continue to run without any problems, just for a period of time will continue until the oil consumption, the bottom. In view of this, old driver parked the car in the rings is completely make an unnecessary move. Because the actual oil level is only in the smallest amount of oil on the location, although the oil level is low, but still in the normal range, if there is a maintenance plan in the near future, can not ignore. In addition to the rare electronic oil dipstick, most vehicles are equipped with a conventional oil gauge, the owner must be manually measured. The oil level measuring machine, a lot of old drivers will, no matter what kind of measurement method is used, measuring the oil level and have a lot of attention, here for everyone to go over again. Two, you must ensure that the vehicle is parked on the ground because the oil sump is parallel to the ground, so in the inspection of the oil level, in order to measure accurately, the vehicle must be parked on the ground. Three, the oil level in the upper limit is good or good? In theory, as long as the oil level is between the upper and lower limits are normal, not to mention who is good or bad. However, when the engine oil level exceeds the limit on the engine, it will cause the engine crankshaft resistance increases, splash out of the engine oil from the crankcase into the combustion chamber, resulting in the formation of carbon and so on. The oil level in the lower than the limit, it will cause the engine cylinder or bearing damage. Therefore, for the smaller oil consumption of vehicles, to the middle position can be. For those with large oil consumption, or even to burn oil standards, it is recommended to directly add to the upper limit position. For the oil loss to the lower limit, if there is no lower than the lower limit, it will not have any impact on the vehicle. Four, cool car or hot static check oil foot the most accurate? For the cold or hot car to rest for a few minutes after check the dipstick, there has been Public opinions are divergent. Most of the vehicles on the instructions on the "need to turn off the engine after waiting for 3-5 minutes after the inspection," and many old drivers, said, "because the oil return rate, oil use.相关的主题文章: