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Obama Care’s Myriad Of Disasters By: Bruno Korschek | Feb 1st 2014 – This article summarizes the thousands of news reports and hundreds of subject matter expert analyses that prove beyond a doubt that the Obama Care legislation is a myriad of disasters and easily the most inept piece of legislation ever enacted by the Washington political class. It is a piece of legislation that is a serious … Tags: Obamacare Summary "�" What The Aapc Does By: Gerald Rawley | Oct 1st 2013 – A simple Obamacare Summary cannot fully cover the important provisions of the PPACA. However, the most important thing to remember is that Obamacare exempts no one from getting health insurance. And as an American, one must be educated and pro-active about the said health reform. Tags: Obamacare Summary – Are You Ready For It? By: Gerald Rawley | Sep 24th 2013 – The pointers in this Obamacare Summary are not even half of the totality of the PPACA. Obamacare has plenty of provisions that every American should acquaint themselves with in order to have a full grasp of the impact this health reform could bring into their lives. Tags: Obama Care Options For People With No Insurance By: Jack Taylor | Aug 21st 2013 – President Obama"��s health care law provides several new protections for consumers. For example, under the Obama Health Care plan, insurance .panies can no longer refuse coverage because of pre-existing conditions, nor can they charge you for preventative care services. However, Obama"��s health care law also imposes a ne … Tags: Obamacare Effects With Internal Medicine Jobs Intended For Existing And Up To Date Long Term Graduat By: Aliz Quresh | Dec 17th 2012 – The individual safety and inexpensive care act which is also referred to as Obama care is anticipated to possess various effects on inner medical work. Tags: The Healthcare Debate’s Fundamental Flaw By: Scott F Paradis | Jun 6th 2012 – Political struggles are always about the allocation of resources and the distribution of power. In our increasingly centralized political system all substantive debates revolve around advantaging some and disadvantaging others. The proper use of public funds for healthcare cannot be determined until the debate adequately ad … Tags: C.l.a.s.s. Is Dismissed And That Is Bad News For Obama Care By: Bruno Korschek | Oct 22nd 2011 – This article reviews the termination of the CLASS program, the long term disability .ponent of Obama Care and the primary reason why the financial analysis of Obama Care was a positive. The CLASS program was the long term disability care .ponent of Obama Care but it proved not to be a viable market offer from an expense … Tags: Random Questions For The American Political Class – We Were Just Wondering By: Bruno Korschek | Sep 23rd 2011 – Although our D.C. politicians gave themselves a five week vacation last month, reports indicate that very few of them held townhall style meetings where they could have answered questions and addressed concerns from their constituents. In the absence of these meetings, this article poses a list of questions that our politic … Tags: Random, But Pertinent, Questions For The American Political Class – I Was Just Wondering… By: Bruno Korschek | Sep 16th 2011 – News reports indicate that most Federal politicians did not hold town meetings during their five week vacation last month, avoiding confrontations with an angry electorate. As a public service, this article lists out the hard questions that our politicians would have likely faced and ponders when they will actually be getti … Tags: The Latest Three Calamities From Obama Care By: Bruno Korschek | Jul 29th 2011 – This article reviews three of the latest reports and analyses from nonpartisan researchers as it pertains to Obama Care. Each of the analyses .e to the same conclusions: Obama Care will increase the number of Americans without health care insurance rather than reducing the number, it will increase the national debt, and i … Tags: Ignorance, Lying, And The Growing Nonsense Of Obama Care By: Bruno Korschek | Jun 18th 2011 – This article reicvews the latest studies/analyses relative to Obama Care, all of which reinforce the conclusion that this legislation ia fatally flawed relative to its objectives. Most troubling is the fact that Obama Care is likley to increase the number of Americans without health care insurance by tens of millions, the e … Tags: The Rules On Lower Michigan Health Insurance Quote By: Mike Novelli. | May 3rd 2011 – As the Supreme Court defers a lawsuit countering the constitutionality of Obama Care, analysts foretell that the cost of health care insurance will continue to balloon. Consumers, shopping for an affordable Michigan health insurance quote today, fare better now than later. As medical coverage is not an inexpensive .modity … Tags: Obama Health Care Will Cover Every American…except Those Exempted By Its 1,040 Waivers By: Bruno Korschek | Mar 27th 2011 – This article discusses the 1,040 waivers that the Obama administration has already issued for its health care reform law, exempting over two million Americans from the requirements of the law. It questions how effective this legislation is likley to be, given the high number of waivers already issued and lists out other fac … Tags: President Obama – Channeling President Richard Nixon? By: Bruno Korschek | Mar 14th 2011 – This article examines the attitudes, words, and actions of President Obama and draws the conclusion that this adminstration’s actions are very similar, in many ways, to the actions of the Nixon administration. If these similairities are true, both administrations have displayed an atittude that was generally disrespectful o … Tags: More Proof That Obama Care Is Fatally Flawed By: Bruno Korschek | Feb 19th 2011 – This article reviews the accumulating mountain of evidence that Obama Care is fatally flawed along almost every dimension, from not understanding the underlying root causes of our high health care costs to deals with drug .panies that may keep drug prices artificially high to anemic sign ups for Obama Care programs relati … Tags: Note To The Political Class: While Your Were Out (apparently Ac.plishing Nothing) By: Bruno Korschek | Feb 19th 2011 – This article reviews some recent major news stories that will shortly or eventually affect most Americans’ lives. Unfortunately, while these events have been unfolding, the American political class has been ac.plishing nothing except mindless bickering amongst themselves. Thus, this article is intended to bring them up to … Tags: Nancy Pelosi – Be.ing More And More Irrelevant By: Bruno Korschek | Feb 13th 2011 – This article reviews the atrocious financial management of the U.S. economy during Nancy Pelosi’s four year reign as Speaker Of The HOuse. During her tenure, the government and political class rang up over four TRILLION dollars in deficit spending, spending more than $100 million an hour than they collected in taxes. In res … Tags: Bankrupt State Governments, More Pain For State Citizens, No Courage At The Top By: Bruno Korschek | Feb 13th 2011 – This article reviews the horrendous financial conditions that most state governments, find themsleves in and laments the fact that most state politicians have neither the will, intelligence, or courage to make the tough economic decisions to fix the problem. .bining the dire state conditions with the $14 TRILLION Federakl … Tags: The Obama Adminstraiton: Leveraging Nothing, Ac.plishing Nothing By: Bruno Korschek | Feb 12th 2011 – This article reviews the mostly failed policies and programs of the Obama administration, asking why there has been such a string of failures. The article concludes that all of the programs, from Cash For Clunkers to foreign policy, have been non-strategic, simplisitic, linear, and superficial, none of which leveraged the r … Tags: "genuine Democracy" – What Would Obama Do If Tahrir Square Happened On The Mall In D.c.? By: Bruno Korschek | Feb 12th 2011 – this article hypothesizes what President Obama might do if the demonstrations for freedom from Tahrir Square in Egypt borke out on the Mall in Washingotn D.C. The article reviews many examples of the President’s actions, words, and attitudes from the first two years of his term and concludes that while the President wants " … Tags: No Wonder Problems Never Get Solved: Politicians Is Just Another Way Of Spelling "lo, It Is Panic!" By: Bruno Korschek | Feb 6th 2011 – this article reveals the fact that the word "policitians" is just another word for Lo, it is panic!" This may explain why the political class never has a plan for addressing the world’s issues and just ineffectively bounces from crisis to crisis, wasting taxpayer money and diminishing freedom n the process. examples include … Tags: A Whimsical And Ilustrative, If Impractical, Approach To Solving The Health Care Crisis By: Bruno Korschek | Feb 5th 2011 – This article reviews a social experiment that took place in Sweden and hypothesizes that a similar positive behavior modificaiotn approach in the United States would go much further in solving the health care crisis than Obama Care. The experiment involved replacing a flight of public stairs with steps that looked and sound … Tags: Wisconsin Joins The Growing List Of States To Sue To Repeal Obamacare By: Dominic Lin | Jan 25th 2011 – The move .es as a growing number of Americans want to .pletely repeal Obamacare. Tags: Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And Bemoaning The American Political Class By: Bruno Korschek | Jan 18th 2011 – This article reivews some of the inspirations, dreams, and famous sayings from Dr. martin Luther King, Jr., Unfortunately, his actions and words have never been implemented out by our current polticial class, leaving most Americans less free than they should be despite Dr. King’s visions from long ago. Tags: The .ing Disaster That Is Medicare – And You Thought Social Security Was In Bad Shape By: Bruno Korschek | Jan 16th 2011 – This article reviews some recent analyses that was done by the Urban Institute regarding Medicare and Social Security. Their analyses concluded that both programs are driving towards financial insolvency, especially Medicare. The article concludes with some suggestions to avoid these looming financial disasters. Tags: Can Obama Care Make Health Insuance Better? By: Jayden Briggs | Jan 13th 2011 – You almost have to take out a loan to pay for health insurance these days. Even if your .pany pays for half or more of your premium, a premium for a family still runs at least two to three hundred dollars a month. This is ridiculous, especially for people that do not visit the doctor very often. Tags: The Tuscon Shootings – Just Ask Yourself By: Bruno Korschek | Jan 13th 2011 – This article disucsses the shooting rampage in Tucson, Arizona that resulted in the severe wounding of Congresswoman Giffords and the killing and wounding of other Americans. It reviews the recent behavior and statements from politicians of both major parties, behavior and rhetoric that has certainly gone beyond most reason … Tags: 2010 – Politically, It Was Much Worse Than You Thought By: Bruno Korschek | Dec 25th 2010 – This articel reviews some of the major political events of 2010 and updsates their respective situation with the latest news reports. Unfortunately, almost all of the situations are worse than most originally thought, with politicians able to make good situaiotns bad and bad situaiotns worse. These events range from things … Tags: The Obscenity Of Power And Wealth In Washington And How To Defuse It By: Bruno Korschek | Dec 24th 2010 – This article reviews a recent analysis that ranked the poorest and wealthiest counties in the country according to housheold in.e. While the ten poorest U.S. counties are spread out around the country, seven of the ten wealthiest counties are concentrated in the Washington D.C. metro area. This vividly illustrates how the … Tags: Personalized Medicine Will Revolutionize The Medical Field And Provide Transformative Fortunes By: aspenIbiz Mike | Dec 19th 2010 – Currently, medicine is to a degree, a one size fits all proposition, suggests Mike Farrell with aspenIbiz. Read this short post as it will reveal profit opportunities related to enabling technologies for personalized medicine. Tags: All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, Which Puts Me Way Ahead Of The Political Class By: Bruno Korschek | Dec 10th 2010 – This article overlays the principles of life laid out in Robert Fulghum’s book, "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten," with the recent actions and behaviors of the American political class, unfortunatley, the article conludes that many of our politicians never learned this kindergarten principles as the cont … Tags: Out Of Control Government, Out Of Touch Politicians And Other Madness By: Bruno Korschek | Nov 27th 2010 – This article examines some recent and inane actions and situations from our political class that have wasted money, resources and sanity. These actions range from the illogical taxing of bagels to the ineffective Cuban trade embargo to the ridiculously high cost per job created from the economic stimulus package to other ma … Tags: 1031 Real Estate Exchanges May Fuel The Economic .eback For Some But Not Many By: Trip Talk | Nov 23rd 2010 – 1031 Real Estate Exchanges May Fuel the Economic .eback For Some But Not Many When the economy crashed, the real estate bubble burst led the way for most of us. The headlines were all about auto and bank bailouts, passing Obama care and trillion dollars scares… I and millions of property owners watched our real … Tags: The Wheels On The Obama Care Bus Never Go Round And Round…they Are Falling Off By: | Nov 14th 2010 – This article examines some of the impacts that the legislation known as Obama Care has already had on America since it was signed into law in the spring. Unfortunately, early indications are that the law will have tremendously negative impacts on Americans’ health care and Obama Care has very lilttle chance of fulfilling it … Tags: While You Were Out – A Memo To The American Political Class By: Bruno Korschek | Nov 6th 2010 – This article presents a hypothetical memo that could be sent to the American political class, informing them of what happened while they were out electioneering over the past month or so. While they were out trying to win office, many of the issues facing most of the country got worse including the war in Afghanistan, the n … Tags: Illinois Health Insurance Quotes: Then And Now By: Holly Bentz. | Oct 31st 2010 – More than 12-months ago, Illinois health insurance quotes were void of the benefits that are packaged in today’s Illinois medical insurance policies. Before Obama Care, referred to as (National Reform Health and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)), the health insurance sector was egregious for .mitting … Tags: The Obama Administration 2010 Vs. George Orwell "1984" By: Bruno Korschek | Oct 31st 2010 – This article examines many of the famous lines from George Orwell’s anti-freedom novel, "1984," and .pares them to the actions and behavior of the Obama administration. Unfortunately, the article uncovers many distressing similarities between the novel and the adminstration’s policies and actions. The article concludes wi … Tags: Health Care Reform! Now What? By: Mike James | Oct 30th 2010 – So with the move towards "socialized medicine" or "a one payer system" here in the USA what effect and impact will the Health Care Reform bill have on individual"��s and business owners ability to have timely access health care here in the USA? Time alone will tell whether or not "��Obama Care"�� will follow the same … Tags: Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out By: Bruno Korschek | Oct 6th 2010 – This article examines the unfinished business that the Fedral political class left undone in Washington as they ushed off early to do more campainging for their re-election. This unfinished business touches every American houshold, millions of businesses, Ground Zero first responders, and the faltering economy. This aciton … Tags: You Are Not Living In A Free Country If … By: Bruno Korschek | Sep 29th 2010 – This article examines the myriad of ways that we have lost much of our freedom as the political class has increased their power and dominance over our lives in America. The article concludes with a series of steps that are needed to restore the liberties provided to us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Tags: "we Will Go Through Our Federal Budget Page By Page, Eliminating Those Programs We Do Need." By: Bruno Korschek | Sep 26th 2010 – This article analyzes a campaign pledge made by Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, to go through the Federal budget page by page, line by line in order to reduce the size and inefficincey of the government. budget, Unfortuantely, President Obama has done nothing of the sort, allowing government to expand to dangerous pro … Tags: Another Month, Another Doomed Economic Stimulus Program By: Bruno Korschek | Sep 25th 2010 – This article analyzs the potential effectiveness of the recently passed small business-focused economic stimulus program. Unfortunately, the analysis shows that this stimulus spending is likely to perform as poorly as the doomed preivous economic stimulus programs. The author concludes with a series of easy-to-understand st … Tags: When Did The Term "racist" Turn Into A Political Tactic? By: Bruno Korschek | Sep 18th 2010 – This article examines some recent political events where politicians have called honest Americans racists for simply having a different opinion than the politicians. By stooping so low, these politicians have smeared the efforts of those fighting for civil rights from the 1960s who fought real racists, not honest Americans … Tags: What Good Is Your Blackberry, Mr. President, If You Never Use It? By: Bruno Korschek | Sep 12th 2010 – This article questions why President Oabam apparently never used his Blackberry relative to some recent domestic and international incidents. If he had made a few calls and exhibited some leadership, some lives may have been saved, the country might be a little more united, and the BP oil spill may have been minimized. Tags: What Does A Paula Poundstone .edy Bit And The President’s Failed Economic Policies Have In .mon? By: Bruno Korschek | Sep 12th 2010 – This article .pares an old Paula Poundstone .edy bit with the failed economic policies of President Obama. Ms. Poundstone observed that for every bad movie, horrid television show, or obnoxious television .merical you ever viewed, somwewhere, somenone actually wrote that bad idea down on a piece of paper, thinking it … Tags: An Open Letter To President Obama On Health Care Reform And What It Means To My Family By: Bruno Korschek | Sep 9th 2010 – This article is an actual letter sent to President Obama regarding the recently passed health care reform legislation. The letter asked for the President’s answers to a few questions since the author’s family is highly likely to lose their corporate health care insurance coverage because their former employer is on public r … Tags: A Report Card On This Generation’s American Politicians By: Bruno Korschek | Aug 23rd 2010 – This article does an indepth review of the performance of the American political class over the past twenty years. During this time, both political parties controlled either Congress or the White House. Unfortunately, the article concludes that the American political class deseres a failing grade for their performance over … Tags: Political Class Voodoo Economic Lies And Myths – Myths #3 And #4 By: Bruno Korschek | Jul 18th 2010 – This second of two articles examines, analyzes, and debunks the major economic myths that the political class uses to extend their power over our lives and restrict our freedom. These myths not only decrease our peersonal liberty but they result in ineffective policies that never solve the economic issue siince the myths pr … Tags: Sometimes It Is Better To Remain Silent And Thought Ignorant Than To Speak Up And Remove All Doubt By: Bruno Korschek | Jun 12th 2010 – This article reviews some of the latest and most baffling, confusing, inappropriate, and ignorant quotes form many of our current government office holders, raising the question why we continue to allow people like these to serve in important government positions. Tags: Be Careful How You Process Information By: Fritz Pfister | Jul 27th 2009 – What the president says will be ac.plished with Cap and Trade, and health care reform isn’t what the actual legislation says. Tags: 相关的主题文章: