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Note7 explosion storm rising American man who burns sued Samsung – Sohu news Beijing in September 19, according to foreign media reports, a Florida man 16 accused Samsung, called the Note7 mobile phone exploded in the front pocket to his pants, severe burns, would be the first to Note7 battery problem litigation. The 28 year old Strobel said, in September 9th this year, he visited the Costco supermarket in Palm Beach Gardens, the body of the Note7 mobile phone exploded, burning through his hip to his right thigh burn. He quickly opened the phone, and then burn the left thumb. Lawyers said the plaintiff two degree burns, wound size is just the size of the phone. They asked Samsung to pay the amount of unknown medical expenses and compensation for lost wages and pain. Samsung spokesman responded by e-mail said it would not comment on pending litigation. At the beginning of the month Samsung announced the Note7 battery problems, needs in the global recovery of 2 million 500 thousand, of which 1 million were sold in the United states. The United States received a total of 92 Note7 battery overheating caused burns or property damage report.相关的主题文章: