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No man in the 108 million grand prize – Bill sent friend BMW hit $21 million 50 thousand grand prize recently, according to foreign media reports, a 52 year old man Canada won the country’s online lottery history the highest prize — $21 million 50 thousand (about RMB 108 million). At the awards ceremony, the grand prize winner said that although not yet paid, but he has booked two BMW cars, one of which is ready to give the best friends, they have intersected for 25 years. The lucky winner named Bill (Bill Laharty), who lives in British Columbia Province, the Nanaimo has a moderate. 5 years of Bill every week to buy a lottery ticket, he as usual in the lottery website to buy the August 13th lottery lottery lottery "649". The winning numbers were 03, 04, 15, 17, 38, and special number of the night, as of the night of the year, and the number of the number was 36. He never thought that was my lucky hit the jackpot, you know the winning rate is only 1398 of the 1/10000 first prize. In August 18th he went to Vancouver to receive a $21 million 50 thousand grand prize check. At the award ceremony, Bill conceal his excitement, said this is really a lot of money, now feel like a dream come true. It will not only change his life, but also change the life of his family, and of course his friends. "I’ve spent all my money on my life, and I think I’m scared." The beautiful scenery of the Bora Bora when asked how to deal with the money, Bill said that in addition to the purchase of the BMW car to send a friend, he has more plans, such as to help family and friends. Through interviews, we learned that Bill had no children of his own, but he attached great importance to family, will help his 4 brothers and sisters children. In addition to helping others, he has long been the dream is to go to Bora Bora, this also can finally realize his dream. In addition, he will also consider buying a new apartment building and a large yacht to enjoy life. It is understood that this is not the first time someone Nanaimo has a moderate hit the jackpot in the online lottery. In early 2010, local residents of Harbour City of China at that time had become Canada’s largest online lottery jackpot of $7 million 600 thousand (about RMB 39 million 140 thousand), this is again to refresh the Canadian Internet lottery record. (a)相关的主题文章: