Nanjing women’s online dating &quot ” American soldiers; retired gold fell 100 thousand xhero

Nanjing women’s online dating " " American soldiers; retired gold fell to 100 thousand at the beginning of September this year, who lives in Nanjing Jiangning Chen joined an international dating platform, encountered a "American soldier". Bidialect talk, Miss Chen once to each other as her boyfriend, the other said later retired Chinese willing to do business, or even $2 million 600 thousand bonus for her. However, to receive the bonus is not easy, in the "inspired American soldier" boyfriend, Miss Chen went to Malaysia to pay various fees, spent nearly $100 thousand. Finally they found themselves into each other design trap, "American soldier" disappeared, could not find her boyfriend had to Miss Chen Jiangning alarm to the police for help. Now, Miss Chen joins an international dating platform, a few days later, she received a self proclaimed American man sent an e-mail to introduce named "Jack", after some exchanges, the two also started to warm swap photos. Soon, the two people add to each other to become a friend of WeChat, began non-stop chat. After understanding, Miss Chen learned that Jack is an active duty U.S. special forces, but about to retire. Jack told her that after retirement he intends to do foreign exchange and jewelry business, but also to do real estate brokerage sales. Miss Chen think these businesses need to do a lot of money, worried that Jack does not have so much money. But Jack let Miss Chen not to worry about money, his own funds from the source. In the online exchange for almost a month after the "American soldier" considerate and let Chen felt each other’s own "Prince Charming", the more trust me. At this time, Jack will be their own business sources of funding to tell Miss chen. Jack said he will receive a lot of money after retirement, a total of $2 million 600 thousand. Jack also said that because of getting along well with Miss Chen, which made him decide to come to China to come with her, and put their career in china. In order to express his sincerity, Jack decided to fill out the beneficiary of the retirement pension, and receive from her. To this end, Jack also asked Miss Chen’s passport number, ID number and other information, said to be the relevant formalities. A few days later, Jack told Miss Chen, the beneficiary has handled well, but the formalities for a gratuity to Miss Chen himself for a few days there will be "the International Monetary Fund" Asia Pacific mail to her, inform the relevant content. Sure enough, a few days later, Ms. Chen received the Asia Pacific International Monetary Fund staff Jim mail. The other claims procedures for a reason he retired for Miss Chen to pay a $6850 fee for customs clearance. Because Jack had previously said the matter, Ms. Chen did not suspect, immediately transferred to the bank through the first silver 3000 U.S. dollars in the past. Subsequently, Jim retired to a large amount of gold, to Chen I personally went to Malaysia to confirm the signing on the grounds, let Miss Chen with the remaining 3850 dollars and account fees of $3250, to Malaysia to give it to him, to deal with the retirement of Jack kim. Prior to departure, Miss Chen will remit money and will pay to the situation told Jack, Jack repeatedly make Miss Chen said that these)相关的主题文章: