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Nanjing baoensi Traditional Festival Mid Autumn worship ceremony to restore a view of participation in the festival staff dressed in Han ming. Jinling Evening News reporter Duan Renhu photo – Jinling Evening News reporter Yu Feng China Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of reunion. In September 14th, when the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of Dabao’en Temple Ruins Park held public worship ceremony. In the Ming Dynasty in Hanfu teacher led to more than and 30 families through the net, instrument, please, the festival, worship ceremony, ceremony links, good weather, the moon is round, their family and nation and the world and the beautiful blessing. While the new landmark of Nanjing city’s Thanksgiving tower, also during the Mid Autumn Festival by the projection of the tower, the global Chinese to send holiday wishes, become Nanjing City Festival scene. In the evening of the 14th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar at 7:30 in Ming Dynasty Hanfu worship, participation in the festival staff in advance of bath in Ming Hanfu, in gratitude tower placed offerings to the table, the direction of the moon lit a candle, paved mat, sitting in their seats. The festival originated from the ancient Yue people worship, then as the celestial month was personified as the moon. It is said that in the Mid Autumn Festival moon, human joy and harmony, will make the seven fairies do not have to envy, for people to solve problems, to predict the fate, and taste all kinds of delicious earth. "Please Gu Gu" has its ancient Han traditional cultural origin, sustenance of people’s good wishes, as well as the pursuit of a happy life. "Please God", is placed in front of a pot of water, the water to make a mirror, and the mirror in front of the moon. All of a concentrated and empty "days" lock open, to open the door, greet the fairy "month" avatar. Lotus lotus root for family dependent on-site participants gleefully chanting the same month: "aunt, Aunt March, please talk about next month regardless of Providence, in front of a well, please next month as water Gu Ying; door wa Tong, please aunt for a visit next month; Hua Shan, you have to wear; silver hairpin, have you plug……" In the crisp sound ushered in the sacred beauty of good month". After the month is the month of worship. Zhuji bit, to lay the table, kneeling on the upper end plate of Senate festival. After the end, were put on the lotus, lotus root, grapefruit, peanut, pomegranate, chestnut etc.. According to reports, each food has a meaning: lotus, lotus root, in order to pray the family dependent, love is; grapefruit, peanut, is that both sons and daughters, grandchildren; pomegranate, water chestnut, pray the sons of unity, moon cake, watermelon, may be clever and sensible; round, happy. Followed by incense, libations, read, to worship the link. The most important is the moon, bow – Xing – stand up, and participate in the festival worship ceremony officiant to the moon for together. This three times, representing the good years in abundance, the moon is round every round, and home and country and the world and. With a full moon and tower Pavilions "ceremony", the Mid Autumn Festival ceremony completed. The ancient and Mingfang Dabao’en temple ruins the intersection of a wonderful atmosphere of unspeakable gratitude, big tower is more and the full moon each other, so the scene participants felt. Participants said, have not experienced such an interesting Mid Autumn Festival, during the holidays at the same time, the traditional culture will also be handed down from age to age interesting.相关的主题文章: