Mountain gold and silver unilateral idling low volatility, oil breakthrough step back multi triangle

Mountain: gold and silver unilateral idling low volatility, oil triangle breakthrough stepped back Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Today is the last trading day of September, tomorrow is National Day, in advance I wish the attention of investors Shanhaiguan blog, happy friend National Day, a long idle away in seeking pleasure happy holidays. Since July, until now the end of September, gold has been in a large environment, the cyclical volatility in the market, before the August forecast market volatility, it is not easy to operate, the golden nine silvers ten, September market is still in shock period, the market in September is to grasp a few Bodali run, analysts took gold trading the face at the same time, with a look and dedication of the new year to the market in October and October to trading, gold and silver, pours. Can not help but want to say on behalf of investors, hello in October, please treat us! The gold week short of 1315 lows in the prediction of the next day on Thursday and will be successful, all empty single in 1316 off, two times out of 1315 in the midnight gold temptation, do not break out of a slight rebound in efforts to pay attention to the line in the vicinity of 1322, so as not to look at the big gold fell, but the shock or profit taking. In the same small period, pay attention to 1326 gold repression, this point is the dividing line between long and short gold short period, the Asia Europe plate exceeded 1326, the rebound is not broken beautiful beauty dish, plate in the late look of shock. At the same time today is the last trading day of September, to prevent the emergence of the market, 7, 8, 9 months of shock is coming to an end, to see whether the big market in October ushered in. Baiyin successfully predicted the next day concussion, no less, silver today also shock 19.40-18.80. Crude oil rose midnight, 47.20 empty single, earn no points out of the 60, break through the triangular shock interval, stop, close line in the vicinity of 47.70, the intensity of the trend to go back to step more, below the support in the high point of view near the 48.90. A more timely market contact shanhaiguan! Gold yesterday successfully predicted to lows of 1315, the next day the 1325 empty single, the 1333 single space, flexible mechanism in 1316 out of all this, a wave of short yesterday evening to earn pours, do good fun. And the low prediction in the vicinity of 1315, is the weekly Bollinger rail, in the middle of the night, two times gold try out low is not broken, the final out of the rally, closing line in 1322, so overall, gold remains short of the trend, and the short efforts expected weakness in this cycle, to shock or sweep plate market. On the technical side, gold daily continuous line, and the next day the daily line down lead long line, to rally the opportunity to stay, so have to in the daily overcast circumstances pay attention to today’s rising rebound, and the key point in the daily daily Bollinger rail 1326 near the critical point of the Eurasian plate note one, if the Asia Europe plate Powei beauty dish with the rise of the possibility of relatively large, if the Asia Europe plate is not broken, can also see below three support short space theory相关的主题文章: