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More and more "mother" of Land Rover, but also for the sake of Chinese consumers? Now the Sohu – car luxury brand, Land Rover has always been a controversial, hale appearance design, very sense of shock, but the so-called small problems in the consumer groups in the formation, reliability and stability of poor word-of-mouth is also a can not ignore the details, but in general terms still, Land Rover is one of the luxury brand camp in the most competitive and reflect the consumption level. With the localization of Jaguar Land Rover step by step, Land Rover in the Chinese market prospects are further magnified, many product dropping also allows us to see Land Rover to three with the German BBA, Lexus, Cadillac and other brands to compete. But the recent Land Rover several heavyweight product replacement products show, let us see different things. The day before Land Rover released a new generation of relevant information found, especially the appearance design is impressive, obviously, that Land Rover has abandoned the square box image, instead of the more rounded design, that is to say, the new generation is found into expanded edition God, is still not found before the shadow, we don’t know what are the factors to consider Land Rover’s move, but in our opinion, the design becomes more and more homogeneous, winning to bring Land Rover at least China trouble. In fact, that God in China listed, many people on the car’s expectations is not very good, although compared to before God for 2, found that God has made great progress, at least in the shape of a huge change, but from the sales results, clearly found that the gods compared to the range rover Aurora, consumer acceptance is very general, at least in China is such, we through the sales performance, sales performance of two thousand or three thousand units per month compared to Land Rover for the car’s expectations, the gap is obviously. So where is the problem? From the product quality of speaking, this car is clearly representative of Land Rover in the 30 to 500 thousand level of the highest level, and compared to the range rover Aurora also has a level of progress, so I think the problem is likely to appear in the shape design. All along, the overall design idea of Land Rover SUV products are based on the square corners, from the earliest guards to the later Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, to the nearest Range Rover Aurora, the basic maintenance is such a thought, of course, Land Rover is also the famous competitiveness, from the discovery of God to a new generation that view, the overall design seems to have become more no edges and corners of the era, and in our view, this seems to indicate the rover will lose more loyal fans, if the range rover series is also continuing this trend. The design style is more rounded to the German luxury brand SUV as the main line in China turn out, we see now sell very good Audi Q5, Mercedes Benz GLC, BMW X1 is not the case, but these products are not only selling on the shape design of credit, more is in the form of Chinese the market has long been the product reputation and brand influence, especially the latter, BBA seems to have taken a short, R相关的主题文章: