Ministry of Commerce and other places to remind the strict use of pre paid illegal fund-raising candle june

The Ministry of Commerce to remind the strict precautions for illegal fund-raising – Beijing, Beijing, 28 September Xinhua news website of the Ministry of Commerce by prepaid consumption, in recent times, individual criminals under the guise of the name for the prepaid card or prepaid consumer engaged in illegal fund-raising activities, to the part of the masses caused economic losses. The disposal of illegal fund-raising inter ministerial meeting, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce that prevented the use of illegal fund-raising prepaid consumption. The main feature of this form of illegal fund-raising: one is publicity through leaflets, advertising, sales promotion, purchase staff recommend a variety of ways; the two is not the real consumption for the purpose of commitment within a certain period of the return of funds, purchase card purchase prepaid funds and pay interest; three is to buy a prepaid card "," shopping card "or" prepayment "name to the public to absorb funds. This mode of operation is actually a disguised commitment to high returns, contrary to the law of value of consumer services, capital operation is difficult to maintain long-term, once the funding strand breaks, participants will face serious losses. Ask the general public to effectively improve the risk awareness, rational investment and consumption, to prevent damage to the interests of the same time, the discovery of illegal crime clues, can actively reflect to the relevant departments.相关的主题文章: