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Milan fashion week, she tells you what is the real fashion – Sohu, the most simple, the most fashionable." For the fashion circle, the annual fashion week T show, is flying slots and highlights. This week the just concluded Milan fashion week, the world trendsetter and go stampede in ten years, bell miss Alexa Chung still fashionable as a young girl, seckill countless film. Unlike those who rely on exaggerated costumes Bo eye spicy eyes trendsetter Miss Zhong look, each set is both simple and stylish, with a touch of unique British temperament. Yamamoto Teruji said: "fashion, it is to help people distinguish between each other, the definition of self props. Say a little more, fashion has its own character, but also with people face to face communication." The most simple, the most fashionable. — this is the interpretation of the meaning of Miss Zhong chic. The red arrows connecting wide leg pants T a white, bright and elegant simple suction eye. Hav’e gray sweater skirt collocation, black gold stripes have enough suction eye, simple collocation sweater would be good. Take up a good choice on the shoulder also pose. Hav’e knit dress with a green coat is eye-catching enough. Yes, you’re not wrong, you are Master Miss Zhong was sweater. Simple enough, enough all-match, gentle and does not lose the character, you deserve. This season is the most universal ride is of course a sweater, it can be any style collocation fashion item, even let you put it down in the summer beauty skirt also comes again. Whether it is fine fine needlework or lazy casual coarse needle style can you resist the winter cold and wind, let you have no fear in every winter cold, winter fashion. Here we recommend different styles of different styles and fashionable all-match sweater, leisurely classic and taste. 1, a graceful and high cold this season’s most popular fashion is turtleneck, Master everyday wear it out of the street, both simple and the atmosphere, improve personal temperament is also very all-match, want to play a strong French style is so worn. White turtleneck and slim pants collocation, and wear a pair of high heels, elegant overbearing President aura. Deep blue turtleneck sweater collocation jeans is good-looking, casual and simple. Collocation you have been unable to give up the skirt, a belt tied out of amorous feelings. Work to wear turtleneck is the most suitable, suit will appear more elegant and formal. A street play dress up is also beautiful, fashion trendsetter are prepared with each color until several. 2, U with U all-match most collar collar styles of sweaters do not pick the figure does not pick the face, good girls winter. Whether you want to follow a cool girl or do a cute Meng sister, U collar sweater can always bring you more surprises. Color is dazzling is a popular trend this year oh, with all-match U neck sweater more natural. Not too good maxmara and U control collar sweater together, and then not so tacky! 3, V collar sexy V domineering collar sweater this year really fire in a complete mess, the biggest highlight of the V neck sweater.相关的主题文章: