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The Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake market chicken carrying Xinjiang delicacy send Acacia tourism "- Sohu is exquisite crystal shade, autumn moon. A moonlight, such as water, gurgling." The mid autumn moon, family reunion, moon tea, Si Huai past, think about the future. Is the so-called "cookies, such as chewing is crisp and yi." The famous Chinese traditional snacks — is to eat moon cakes, a family, a symbol of reunion harmony, in the Mid Autumn Festival is the day will eat the product. Today, the variety is more diverse, different flavors. In September 7th, Urumqi launched the "Jia Xi kitchen" moon cake, moon cake, chicken pilaf market dried meat cakes, quickly detonated circle of friends, become the moon cake festival this year’s rookie. "Every year the moon cake is similar, safe and sound all year round, you think I am playing, but I am working, you think I am working, but I am playing." Master, Caroline and delicacy kitchen boss Liu Jiaxi Xinjiang delicacy, accommodate into a round cake, a circle of friends in Xinjiang released quickly lead users point of praise. Some netizens also think of the Mid Autumn Festival to the family, through this round of moon cake, sent away from home in Xinjiang. Creative elements of the Xinjiang moon cake production of the two 80 after the beauty, which is to stay long hair Liu Xi Xi, wearing glasses is zhang. Braised chicken, pilaf, dried meat, cakes with which have no relevance to the Xinjiang delicacy, but now together. This year the Mid Autumn Festival Urumqi a literary young woman creative system launched blue moon cake, moon cake and chicken pilaf dried meat cake, these elements of Xinjiang full of creative cakes, WeChat has opened a predetermined pattern circle of friends. In the "Xinjiang Qunying Hui" WeChat group, someone push private custom chicken market cake publicity caused by interest in Xinjiang History enough to live. According to the publicity leaving telephone to make chicken stew cook cakes, production site is located in Nanhu Road North six lane Jia Xi kitchen. Caroline and walked into the kitchen, and there is no chef in making cakes, I saw a beauty sitting in front of notebook processing online orders. Look around the environment decoration shop, the boss is an art fan children full column beauty writer, she published a restaurant wall column column in the newspaper articles on Xinjiang classical delicacy "self-cultivation" Rice noodles, as well as the media interview with her article, because her words touched, this delicacy Jiawen widely forwarded in WeChat circle of friends. And soon she was writing for delicacy, please go to the station to write "how to cover casting surface a beautiful left hook — to defend the dignity of the authentic Xinjiang noodles" with Qin Peng for the program, two of them will be a Xinjiang Rice noodles write vivid, a Xinjiang noodles write vivid, because the common hobbies, after doing delicacy show they have become good friends. "We made the first batch of chicken cakes have been sold out, the second batch to be made in September 9th or 10." Liu Jiaxi said, hoping to sell Xinjiang Jia kitchen original pilaf, dried meat pilaf, barbecue, homemade chicken market, "why not take Xinjiang delicacy to combine it with the moon cake, let the guest left Xinjiang home to eat the most miss the taste of home." Ten days相关的主题文章: