Mid Autumn Festival, the city’s passenger flow increased by 4 into the police to ensure travel safet super bass

During the Mid Autumn Festival, the city’s bus passenger flow increased by 4, and the police ensured the safety of the trip during the mid autumn holiday. The city’s subway, long-distance and other public transport ushered in the peak passenger flow, and daily passenger traffic increased by nearly 4. In order to ensure the safety of public travel, the city public security bus Corps organized carefully, increase the police input, improve security level, in order to effectively respond to the Mid Autumn Festival subway passenger surge. Transit police launched a level (super) service model, the average daily into the 400 police officers and police do more than 800 Mingfu subway maintenance work order, especially in the subway security checkpoints, gates, train doors, elevator and other important position designated patrol station, improve see alarm rate and charge rate. At the same time, the use of video patrol control system timely grasp the passenger flow of each station, and closely cooperate with the subway staff, so that the first time to find unexpected events, to avoid overcrowding, stampede and so on. The surge of passenger flow also provides the opportunity for pickpockets to commit crimes. In order to crack down on the bus, subway and other public transport, long-distance crime on criminal behavior, the police in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday bus passenger travel characteristics, in the daily patrol force based on an additional 15 plainclothes, Fanpa group team, promote to play defense, depress the public traffic technician case rate, maintain the property of the public to travel.

中秋假期本市公交客流增4成 警方确保出行安全   中秋小长假期间,本市地铁、长途等公共交通迎来客流高峰,日均客流量相较平日增加近4成。为保障市民出行安全,市公安公交总队精心组织,增加警力投入,提升安保等级,以有效应对中秋假期地铁客流激增的情况。   公交警方启动了一级(超常规)勤务模式,日均投入400余名警力与800余名辅警做好地铁内秩序维护工作,特别在地铁安检口、闸机、列车车门、电梯口等重要位置定点巡逻,提高站内见警率和管事率。同时,利用视频巡控系统及时掌握各站客流情况,与地铁员工密切配合,做到第一时间发现突发事件,避免拥挤、踩踏等情况发生。   客流激增也给扒手作案提供了可趁之机。为了严厉打击公交、地铁、长途等公共交通上的扒窃犯罪行为,公交警方针对中秋小长假客流出行特点,在日常便衣巡控力量的基础上,增派了15组反扒小分队,以打促防,压低公共交通扒窃发案率,维护出行市民财产安全。相关的主题文章: