[material recommended]16 physical handicap is expected Lifeiguailun unbeaten-puritans pride

[material recommended:]16 physical handicap is expected Lifeiguailun unbeaten Beijing time No. 17 at 7:45 in the morning, Pakistan a battlefield Fiberhome reburning, which meet the challenge of Figue Ellen J in the home court Corinthians, both sides played nearly 3 times, the 2 wins 1 flat unbeaten. Figue Ellen J League zhanba 34 7 wins 12 flat 15 negative, ranking eighteenth in the relegation zone. The team’s recent record straight down, nearly 7 games of the tournament, 2 flat and negative, there are 6 games were directly zero seal, the ability to attack a serious decline in the organization. But by the international match day, Eli Carlos in front of the main defensive midfielder, absolute goalkeeper Fernandes will be raised the national team, the greater impact on the team defense. As a traditional giants Corinthians Pakistan, after the 34 round 14 wins 8 flat 12 negative record, accumulate 50 points, ranking seventh. The team offense is very strong this season, Pakistan Pakistan scored 44 goals, scoring sixth, the main attack in hand Gabriel tribute 5 goals and 3 assists, Gillette may playmaker contributed 5 goals and 4 assists, the state is very good. It is worrying that the team on the road away Derby 4 goals in St Paul, the team’s morale hit a larger. Handicap, the disc open deuce water starting grids, the note after the adjustment of high water handicap, although there is a gap between the two teams, but still out of the tie plate, visible to the reduced confidence. The compensate, William 3 2.6 out of 2.7 initial compensation combination, the market outlook has not yet been made, the home team in the relegation zone, is full of war, or lose so close, there are optimistic about the potential of the Gambling company. On the whole, the game is expected to unbeaten Figue Ellen J.相关的主题文章: