Man beaten woods obscene lone female captured claiming to hate women running man 20130908

Man beaten woods obscene lone female captured claiming to hate women recently in Chaoyang District Wangjing near the subway station, more than the lone woman said, when passing through the subway station near the woods was a strange man molested and beaten. One of the victims of Ms. Wang said she was in the gym after a man molested and beaten on the head, she shouted for help to scare away the man. Afterwards, she immediately to the police. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter learned from the Chaoyang police, the man has been Chaoyang police detained according to law. The home fitness was indecently beaten yesterday, Ms. Wang’s head injury has not healed. Speaking last week was obscene things, she is still a lingering fear. In the evening 9 o’clock, I finished the aerobics classes from a gym nearby, alone to go to the subway station in Wangjing. This section of the road is not what street, but also through the woods." She said, because often go this way, she did not feel afraid, while listening to a song while micro letter. Suddenly, a man from behind around me." Ms. Wang said, she never thought it was bad at first. "I met my three male colleagues in the gym in the evening. When I left, they had to go, so I thought it was a colleague. But this man began to touch my chest, I don’t feel right." Ms. Wang said, they just look back, was behind the man hit the head. "I was seeing stars, struggled and begged the man don’t hit me, but he didn’t say a word, I have been playing." Ms. Wang said, she began to see the call for help, the man put her on the ground, with a metal object hitting her head. "I feel like I’m bleeding, head pain, can only make up shouting for help. Do not know how long, the man might be afraid, just throw me away in there. I only see his body fat, wearing a hat." Ms. Wang said, he struggled to sit up, took out a mobile phone alarm. "The young man did not steal my stuff, and always pinch me hit me. I feel he should be a pervert." Arrest: man wandering alone questioned loumajiao Beijing morning news reporter learned recently in Wangjing, near the subway station was molested women not Ms. Wang people. These victims are the lone female, molested and beaten by men. It is understood that in Ms. Wang after the alarm, the police immediately deployed police patrol in the vicinity to the scene investigation. Around the visit, a suspicious man attracted the attention of the police. A man wandering alone in the woods, the police questioned him, the man was guilty. Reporters from the surveillance video to see a man about thirty or forty years old, plump, wearing a pair of glasses, wearing a hat. Under police questioning, the man admitted molesting and beat Wang fact. He confessed that he lived in the family to spend a few days, has been in the woods near the lone woman looking for harassment. I heard a woman crying for help feel bored, then they were beaten. In addition, the man also confessed, when he was a child because the mother derailed in the family breakdown, then began to hate women. At present, the man because of the threat to women’s criminal detention by the police. The case is being further processed.

男子小树林猥亵殴打独行女被擒 自称仇视女性   近日在朝阳区望京地铁站附近,多名独行女子称,在途经地铁站附近小树林时被一名陌生男子猥亵并殴打。其中一名受害者王女士称,她在健身后被一名男子猥亵并殴打头部,她大声呼救才吓走男子。事后她立即报警求助。昨天,北京晨报记者从朝阳警方了解到,目前该男子被朝阳警方依法拘留。   事发:健身回家 遭猥亵殴打   昨天,王女士头上的伤仍未痊愈。说起上周被猥亵的事情,她仍心有余悸。“当天晚上9点多钟,我从附近的一个健身房上完健美课出来,独自一人往望京地铁站走去。这段路没有什么路灯,还要穿过一片小树林。”她说,因为经常走这条路,她并没有觉得害怕,还一边听着歌一边发微信。   “突然,有一个男的从身后抱住我。”王女士说,起初她没以为是坏人。“当天晚上我在健身房遇到我三个男同事。我离开的时候,他们也正好要走,所以我以为是同事。可是这个男的开始摸我的胸,我才觉得不对劲儿。”王女士称,自己刚刚回头,就被身后的男子重击头部。“我当时就眼冒金星,一边挣扎一边央求男子不要打我,但他一句话不说,一直打我。”王女士说,看到她开始呼救,这名男子把她按在地上,用一个金属物体击打她的脑袋。“我感觉自己流血了,头上很疼,只能使劲儿大声呼救。也不知道过了多久,那名男子可能是害怕了,就把我扔在那里跑了。我只看到他体型微胖,戴着一个帽子。”   王女士说,自己挣扎着坐起来,拿出手机报警。“那男的没有抢我的东西,而且一直在掐我打我。我感觉他应该是个变态。”   抓捕:男子独自徘徊 盘问露马脚   北京晨报记者了解到,近期在望京地铁站附近被猥亵的女性并非王女士一人。这些受害者都是独行女性,被猥亵的同时遭到男子的殴打。   据了解,在王女士报警后,警方立即部署在附近巡逻的民警到现场进行勘查。在周围走访中,一名可疑男子引起了民警的注意。男子独自一人在小树林里徘徊,民警盘问他的时候,男子明显心虚。记者从监控录像上看到,男子大概三四十岁,身材微胖,戴着一副眼镜,头上戴着一顶帽子。   在民警的盘问下,男子承认猥亵并殴打王女士的事实。他交代,他居住在花家地,已经连续几日在小树林附近寻找独行女子进行骚扰。因为听到女子呼救觉得很烦,便对她们进行殴打。此外,男子还交代,他小时候因为母亲出轨导致家庭破裂,此后就开始仇视女性。   目前,该男子因为威胁妇女被警方刑事拘留。案件正在进一步处理中。   北京晨报现场新闻   记者 张静雅 线索:吴女士相关的主题文章: