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Maison Du Roi, look at the king’s home has many luxury travel – Li Hongyu Maison Du Roi is a Belgian Sohu by the most magnificent building here, although nominally the Belgian Royal family’s residence, but the king and queen does not live here, and live in the suburbs of the Laeken palace. Maison Du Roi is located next to the National Park in the center of the city, although the king and the queen do not live here, but here is the king’s office and the reception of other heads of state visit. Maison Du Roi has a long history, but in seventeenth Century when the French army had been destroyed, and now see the Maison Du Roi is the end of seventeenth Century to construct, began to put into use until the beginning of the nineteenth Century. Maison Du Roi, like the rest of the Imperial Palace, has a very solemn design and interior decoration of the luxurious atmosphere. The whole palace is mainly composed of marble, filled with different relief sculpture, very spectacular. The interior decoration of the palace, with reference to the Palace of Versailles of France, large murals and crystal lighting can be seen everywhere. The palace is very large, clear function division within the country, has a magnificent banquet hall, VIP reception room environment elegant, with all kinds of precious artwork ornaments, old furniture and fine carpets, impressive. In ancient times, Maison Du Roi is the residence of the king, the king eats office here. At the top of the palace there is a national flag. If the flag does not rise, it means that the king is not in the palace. Boarded the palace, overlooking the old city of Brussels. Brussels has a long history, can be seen everywhere in nineteenth Century eighteen old buildings. In front of the palace, Brussels National Park, the National Palace in the back of the park, which is the headquarters of the Belgian parliament. Travel Raiders came to Belgium, Maison Du Roi is almost impossible to miss. Although the palace is very large, but not all places are open to visit, the entire palace tour from the entrance to the export of a route, along the route can be visited. The entire tour time in 2-4 hours, if you go faster, just less than an hour to go, but it is not interesting. In the palace there is not only good-looking, there are some fun games can be interactive, if you visit, you can pay attention to. Author: Li Hongyu, based in Chongqing, traveler, photographer, hotel sleep tester, the media will roll; scenery, can shoot portraits, manuscripts, about shooting, cooperation please add WeChat @happyness510; I want to know the story of travel please pay attention to the micro-blog @Mr or WeChat public @Mr, Li Hongyu Li Hongyu, welcomed the interactive graphic copyright; all, for sharing or reprint please contact me first invasion.相关的主题文章: