Lu media Luneng help save the country foot! Only attack can win Korea (video)

Lu media: Luneng help save the country foot! Only offensive to win over South Korea [3 minutes] battlefield 2 ball Orangemen 2-3 Korea Yu Hai Hao Junmin broke the original title: to help save the country foot luneng! Only attack can win korea! Yin Bo said Luneng help somewhat reluctantly, selected this national team Luneng player only two, and was a second half substitute; save the country foot is not exact, 0 to 3 behind a 2 than 3 very touching, but still lost after all. However, in your half attack from the potential even pull two balls, and Hao Junmin, Zhao Mingjian debut to attack the country foot end is directly related to inject vitality. Especially Hao Junmin created a one shot 2 minutes to score twice, can be described as a surprise four. These 9 goals to make the country despite the defeat of Rong Rong, playing a good game in the back of the big increase in confidence, said to be "saved" is not excessive, "said the two. Luneng two will play well as the other half of the title of the article, there is no doubt. China South Korea this time at 90 minutes, most of the time don’t play well, a small amount of time playing well. When did you play well? On the second half, 30 minutes before, to hang her head when beaten; what time play well? 15 minutes, the second half after continuous ball in the ball and after pressed out amid frenzied counterattack! In a word: to South Korea, Shou is unable to defend, attack is the best defense! As Wu Lei and Feng Xiaoting after the game said: continue to attack it, in 10 minutes, 5 minutes, we will be able to score again, from the Korean home points! From this perspective, Gao Hongbo fully based on sticking 532 formations and keep the light of ideas, has been proved to be wrong. Give up the attack, to the national football defensive ability, could not withstand the basic composed effect of European five league players in front of the sharp offensive in South korea. At the same time, retreat too deep, counter ineffective, failed to exert enough pressure to the defense of South Korea super foreign aid levels, to South Korea after Gu no worries continued pressure across the storm, the Orangemen and not concede less goals is not possible. This group of South Korea international reputation, many people can be played in the Premier League and Bundesliga, however, this kind of structural defects and can not cover the reputation of South korea. To play in the five major league South Korea International almost all concentrated in the front, 4 guards from all over, plus the defensive midfielder Han Guorong, 5 main defensive players are Asian standards, the characteristics of the Korean attack strong keep weak is very obvious. China in the face of such a South Korean team abandoned the attack to defend, it is for their own short board to deal with South Korea’s strengths, and South Korea’s short board just to avoid the country hit. Fortunately, the conservative ideology, the layout of the fault of Gao Hongbo, in the employment or to leave their own way. Before the announcement of this group eventually played 12 games before the strong international list of high flood wave conventions, the long time of not playing in the renhang and Zhao Mingjian in the lineup. Although renhang long sparse battlefield let’s pay, lost second, two goals were 3 and his improper position, but Zhao Mingjian came nearly 20 minutes, quickly revitalize the country foot right attack, did not live up to the trust of coach. Even more critical is that almost all the media coverage of the game before the Hao Junmin missed the country due to injury, 23 people on the list, only Hu people!相关的主题文章: