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Lotto back lit the fuse? Attention! This number even out of 5 big lottery Lotto back lit the fuse issued after 0207, this number is ordinary, but it may become a fuse, the ignition postzone chuhao rule. Historical data show that the first 5 big lottery issued after 0207, in a lottery, even out of the back without exception award number 01! Since 2015, Lotto prize number back out of 0207 combinations are not many, count a total of only 6 times last night. So, in the big lottery issued after 0207 after the next lottery prize number, whether there will be some rules to follow? We went through the corresponding award number records, found a phenomenon that can not be ignored. Lotto award number 02 07 back before 5 Lotto issued after 02 07, following a lottery, the prize number was uniform back out of the 01 a number. This rule is very conspicuous people can not be ignored. At the same time, the 5 time after all "small" combination. After the award number 01 was lit on the last night, Lotto back since 2015, sixth times out of 0207, then on Wednesday a new lottery, this rule is also maintained? The remaining 3 billion 740 million Lotto prize pool, perhaps the next winner is you! (Pan Feng)

大乐透后区导火索已点燃? 留意!这号码连出5期 大乐透后区导火索已点燃   上期大乐透后区开出02 07,这组号码并不起眼,却很有可能成为一根导火索,引燃下期后区的出号规律。历史数据显示,前5次大乐透后区开出02 07之后,在下一期开奖中,后区竟然无一例外的开出了奖号01!   自2015年以来,大乐透后区奖号开出02 07组合的次数并不多,算上昨晚,一共只有6次。那么,在大乐透后区开出02 07之后的下一期开奖中,奖号是否会有一些规律可循呢?我们翻找对应的奖号记录,发现了一个不可忽视的现象。 大乐透后区奖号02 07   在前5次大乐透后区开出02 07之后,紧接着的下一期开奖,后区奖号竟然清一色的开出了01这枚号码。这一规律非常显眼让人不可忽视。同时,这5次后区皆“双小”组合。 后区奖号01被点燃   就在昨晚,大乐透后区自2015年之后,第6次开出了02 07,那么在周三的新一期开奖中,这个规律是否还能保持下去呢?大乐透目前奖池剩余37.4亿,下一个中奖的或许就是你哦!   (潘凤)相关的主题文章: