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Lishui University students’ Religious Education for the education of college students a correct understanding of religion, rational treatment of religion, so as to guide students to establish the concept of atheism, reasonable play the positive role of religion in the construction of harmonious society, Lishui University to strengthen religious education, in the 2016 freshmen education to further enhance the religious education. The school offered a lecture on the education of Marx’s religious view for the freshmen of grade 2016. The lecture covers the basic meaning of religion, the status quo of religious issues, the significance of Marx’s religious view and the relevant rules and regulations of religious work. The students who attended the lecture said after the lecture: "I understood Marx’s religious view, some knowledge, and our religious policy. We should grasp the religious policy of the party and not be affected by some inaccurate understanding of religion." At the same time, Lishui University will also add "Introduction to Marx’s view of religion" course. The main contents of the course include the origin, the religious view of evolution, function and effect of Marx’s view of religion in the development of China, the basic situation of contemporary China religion, dealing with religious issues of contemporary Chinese, resolutely resist the cult, how to understand and implement the policy of religious belief. The school attaches great importance to the creation of the course, in order to make the curriculum more vivid, school organization related teachers received 2 days of Marx’s religious view of special training to Hangzhou in the summer, the "Marx view of religion" an introduction to the course materials for the overall review. At the same time, we organized the collective lesson preparation meeting and discussed and exchanged the course content and courseware. Previously, the Lishui University has invited foreign experts to carry out the old campus of Marx’s view of religion lecture series. Through a series of lectures, and further enhance the teachers and students to distinguish science and superstition, folklore and religion, civilization and ignorance of the ability to guide people to foster the lofty ideal of communism and socialism China faith, to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. (correspondent Ji Yiping Zhang Yuan)     want to know the latest educational information, ask for educational confusion, share educational experience and experience? It pays attention to Sina micro-blog Sina @ Zhejiang education, reflect your demands and found; the number of public concern or: education information YiDianTong (zj_edu); or the parents will join Sina Zhejiang, interactive official QQ group: 62210056. For more information about studying abroad, please join Sina Zhejiang study assistance group QQ group: 280980058. For more information, scan the QR code of Zhejiang education information 丽水学院重视学生宗教观教育   为教育大学生正确认识宗教,理性对待宗教,从而引导大学生树立无神论观念,合理发挥宗教在和谐社会建设中的积极作用,丽水学院重视增强宗教观教育,在2016级新生教育中进一步增强了宗教观教育。   学校为2016级新生开设关于马克思主义宗教观教育的讲座。讲座内容涵盖了宗教的基本含义、宗教问题的现状、马克思主义宗教观的意义以及宗教工作的相关规章制度。参加讲座的同学在讲座结束后说道:“我了解了马克思主义宗教观一些知识以及我国的宗教政策。我们要把握党的宗教政策,不被对宗教的某些不准确认识所影响。”   在开设讲座的同时,丽水学院还将增设《马克思主义宗教观概论》课程。课程主要内容包括了宗教观的根源、演进、功能与作用,马克思主义宗教观在中国的发展,当代中国宗教的基本情况,如何处理当代中国的宗教问题,坚决抵制邪教,如何理解和执行宗教信仰政策等。   学校高度重视该门课程的开设,为使该课程内容更加生动,学校组织相关授课教师在暑期到杭州接受了为期2天的马克思主义宗教观专题培训,对《马克思主义宗教观概论》课程教材进行了整体梳理。同时还组织开展集体备课会,对课程内容和课件进行了研讨和交流。   此前,丽水学院还陆续邀请了校内外专家针对老生开展了马克思主义宗教观等系列讲座。通过一系列讲座,进一步增强广大师生辨别科学与迷信、民俗与宗教、文明与愚昧的能力,引导大家牢固树立共产主义远大理想和中国特色社会主义信念,树立正确的世界观、人生观、价值观。(通讯员 季翼平 张渊)     想要了解最新教育资讯,请教教育困惑、分享教育经验与心得吗?那就关注新浪微博@新浪浙江教育,反映你的诉求和发现;或关注公众号:教育资讯一点通(zj_edu);或加入新浪浙江家长会,官方互动QQ群:62210056。了解更多留学资讯,请加入新浪浙江留学帮帮团qq群:280980058。 更多资讯请扫二维码 浙江教育资讯一点通相关的主题文章: