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Sales-Training LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for businesses, small or big. This LinkedIn social media training will help generate more leads, traffic, and sales for entrepreneurs, business professionals, and career seekers. LinkedIn is an active online business .munity of over 100 million members looking to connect, network and do business. Executives from ALL FORTUNE 500 .panies are registered on LinkedIn. Is LinkedIn similar to Facebook or Twitter? Not exactly. LinkedIn has higher quality of professionals that can help you get your business the boost that it needs. That’s all the information on LinkedIn, but how can you use LinkedIn properly to get the serious results you want. Well, LinkedInfluence is a training that will help you attain whatever results your looking for, may it be for your business or just your individual career. LinkedInfluence is a program that will get you serious results on LinkedIn. I looked through the entire LinkedInfluence training in detail and have quickly summarized what his modules consist of: Module 1: Lay The Foundation This consists of ten videos to familiarize users with the various menus and navigation on the site, and help users configure their profile properly. This is just the basics, the foundation. Things such as keyword optimization, how to outline and write a summary, as well as strategies for giving and receiving re.mendations Module 2: Grow Your Audience For me this was the most important module. Seven videos on how to build your network. Lewis teaches how LinkedIn is a listbuilding tool. He indicated that Facebook and Twitter do not permit exporting contact data, but LinkedIn does. And yes, with emails. Module 3: The Next Level This consists of six videos. This is where the entrepreneurial mind kicks in. How to connect with the right investors, getting a Job, event promotion and selling tickets, enhancing the functionality of your LinkedIn profile by integrating your blog and video, and driving traffic to your website.LINKEDIN-INFLUENCE.INFO Module 4: Build Your .pany Lastly in the main course, is a two video module focused on the newer features of .panies in LinkedIn, as well as a strategy to increase your influence on LinkedIn If you are someone who has been wanting to create a LinkedIn profile, but aren’t sure where to start, or perhaps you’d like to take your profile up a few notches. I can think of no one better to learn from than Lewis Howes. If you’re going to do it, might as well, do it right! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: