Lin Yongjian’s most lamented miss Chongqing fixing Hot pot (video) actv

Lin Yongjian’s miss Chongqing Lin Yongjian lamented the fixing Hot pot screenshot micro-blog Lin Yongjian and son Lin Yongjian and his female partner Tencent entertainment news recently, actor Lin Yongjian in micro-blog out a few photos and text with the film crew, said: "this took three months, in addition to heat, the scenery is good, most of the memory is Hot pot. Chongqing is a good place to have a taste of ~ is returned to the warmth of home heating, "happiness" studio next year, thanks to all the hard work, looking forward to the next meeting!" The expression of the end of his three months of shooting, it is sadness and nostalgia mood. After a reporter to the scene to visit, because Chongqing summer summer weather environment actors and crew are very hard, the shooting is not particularly easy, Lin Yongjian specifically thanked everybody’s care and hard work, and look forward to the next meeting. Although the weather is hot, but we miss the most is Lin Hot pot, Chongqing attracted many local fans onlookers said: "Teacher Lin Hot pot not eat enough, Chongqing Hot pot delicious! Ha ha, there are more users with Trump quipped: "Teacher Lin do not go to work tomorrow, the most cool turn plate!" "Mr. Lin, Chongqing Hot pot is not very comfortable ~ haha". It is reported that the film by Lin Yongjian, starring Zuo Xiaoqing, brings together a large number of power to send play bone, tells a story of the passions of ordinary Beijing in family life drama "happy Photo Gallery" in Chongqing has recently successfully fixing.相关的主题文章: