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Li Jiacheng mainland investment property inventory only 200 thousand square meters of property about you – Vintage full version of the price to 20 billion, Cheung Kong head Li Jiacheng sold the Shanghai century plaza. This has so far, Li Jiacheng single transfer in the mainland of the highest amount of a real estate project. The transfer has many mainland real estate projects, Li Jiacheng’s investment in the mainland real estate has left little, the investment property is only 200 thousand square meters. Sell the mainland real estate projects, Lee frequently in recent years to the UK, European and global investment layout. Analysts pointed out that in the global layout of Li Jiacheng, the country is only part of it. However, the first half of this year, the mainland real estate business, still support small to long play. For the outside world that lasts from the mainland divestment views, Li Jiacheng in this year long annual conference, the company said the divestment rumors, and said he was not optimistic about the mainland from the mainland to withdraw. The end of 11 years of Marathon development in Shanghai prices rose to the highest point in recent years, Li Jiacheng sold a project in Shanghai. The evening of October 26th, Cheung Kong real estate (01113.HK) announcement, the company to 20 billion yuan price will be located in Shanghai, Pudong, Century Plaza, transferred to an insurance company. Public information, Pudong century summary construction area of 360 thousand square meters, of which the office building area of 130 thousand square meters, shopping malls construction area of 140 thousand square meters. The media reported that the purchase of insurance companies from Cheung Kong Century Department of real estate in the hands of China, is life. According to long announcement information, Mapleleaf Developments has indirect and Huang estate in Lujiazui, and Huang estate Lujiazui holds Pudong century exchange project. HPL, Chinex and Champ each have Mapleleaf 25% of the issued share capital of Developments, 25% and 50%. Is HPL and Chinex respectively for disclosure, indirect wholly-owned Affiliated Companies Cheung, and Champ is the Li Jiacheng Foundation overseas direct wholly-owned Affiliated Companies ARA asset management. This ownership structure means that long estate will obtain the transfer half of the income, the other half of the income will belong to Li Jiacheng’s ARA Asset Management Co. The transfer of the project in Pudong, not a few months ago, but began a year ago. "The biggest cycle of the bulk of the transaction will be more than three months, generally about half a year. Currently see the transaction, in fact, in March and April has already begun." An international real estate agency executives said. Reporters learned that, as early as August last year, the market came out of the news Li Jiacheng ready to transfer the 21st century. It is understood that at the time of the 21st century quotes at 16 billion -200 billion yuan. According to the latest disclosure of the long selling price, the average price reached 55 thousand and 500 yuan in exchange square meters. Long after the successful sale of real estate in Pudong, this project also completed the development of 11 years of Marathon slow cycle. 2005, after the long and the Department to 12 thousand yuan per square meter to get the Pudong century exchange plots. Last year, Hutchison Whampoa  and Cheung kong.相关的主题文章: