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Software Java was introduced to the programming world in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. At the time, Java was seen as a high risk experiment by Sun and had the pundits predicting either Javas success as the next cool thing or its implosion as a monumental miscalculation by Sun. Now, fourteen years later, Java has come to dominate the software development community like no other programming language in history. Java was originally developed as part of a project called Green at Sun Microsystems Inc. to develop a universal controller and network architecture for managing digital devices and, later on, cable TV. The project never got off the ground because, according to James Goslin, the technology was too far ahead of its time for there to be a demand for it in other words, no one wanted to buy it. Around the time that the Green project was dying in the mid-1990s, the World Wide Web had started to take off in popularity. The break-through event for Java occurred in 1995 when Netscape, which was the dominant web browser at the time, announced that it would integrate Java support into its product. This agreement gave legitimacy to Javas claim as the next cool thing in Internet technologies. Ironically, the reasons for Javas success had nothing to do with the language features that everyone was talking about when Java was released, but rather on its ability to evolve to meet the changing requirements of the developer community and its write-once-run-anywhere model. Java is comprised of three key facilities: the object-oriented, type-safe, multi-threaded, network-aware, secure programming language, the software development kit (known as the JDK) and the Java platform. The Java platform, commonly referred to as the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is a collection of technologies in the form of application programming interfaces (APIs) and libraries, as well as the execution engine known as the Java Virtual Machine. Sun, Oracle, IBM, as well as the open source community, provide implementations of the JRE for just about every operating system on the market today. As an end-user (consumer) you can find the most common implementation of the Java platform at .www.java.com and is provided free-of-charge by Sun Microsystems. If you are a developer, interested in learning Java, you can download the JDK at .java.sun… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: