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Web-Hosting The websites of the Indian firms and individuals are rapidly registering their presence in the cyber space. This trend has made many domestic firms that provide web hosting services in India, and abroad, come forward to introduce their hosting services to a larger client base. These services range from the basic hosting, such as shared server hosting to the largest most, the cluster server hosting. The Cloud server hosting, and virtual private server hosting, are among the few top notch web hosting services of the list. Dedicated server hosting is a completely different kind of realm in the world of hosting servers. A physical server is allotted to you along with all the hardware that has been specified for your sites software and application requirements. You can always choose if you want the dedicated server completely set and managed by the hosting service providers or you just want it with basic setting. If you choose the latter then you must have a competent team of technicians, who would do the operating software installation and further complex setup for your sites hosting needs. Though, most of the people do not prefer dedicated server hosting, unless they are not generating revenue by the minute because this particular server demands a lot, in terms of maintenance. Nevertheless, none can beat the dedicated server for it gives an unmatched kind of total root access, for your sites best performance. Through the control panel, you may check the various activities that may be taking place on your site. The supervision by this method lets you know the exact volume of incoming traffic, the usage of the resource, the email accounts and many more different attributes as well as statistics related to your site. India web hosting services is a niche service that is to be done very carefully. The composition of hardware and software are to be watched carefully with details of everything. All of it is required to make a site completely functional. This includes the operating software, and the client assistance service, on the side of the hosting service provider. The operating system is either Linux or windows of Microsoft. The Linux operating system is the most used OS of the two. This is because it is free open source software that is conveniently accessible for modification, distribution and sharing. No license is required for the use of Linux unlike the Microsofts windows OS. This makes it evident that a Linux software engineer can create unique codes and programs that will have no copies elsewhere, giving the user site an edge, over the other sites that are not hosted on the same. It is also implies on the other sites based on the Linux OS, for the program is different. An important part of any website hosting is not only the server, hardware, software, web application but also the troubleshooting technicians who are available 24×7 from the service providers side. This client assistance should be quick, in not only responding to your queries but also in resolving the issue that you may be facing. Last but not the least, try to find out if your web hosting service provider, will give you the service of SEO hosting as well. This service will help your site rank on the search results. Hence, making it very important for the popularity of your site. Lanos Technologies do undertake the search engine optimization hosting services, on request by its clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: