Lake Normal University push 8 live campus network red for freshmen live University-dachiyouxiang

8 Lake normal university campus network live broadcast live red "original title for the new university campus network for university freshmen live red" Xiaoxiang Morning News Changsha Hunan Normal University recently for new students will come to report to micro-blog live, students not only can live through the understanding counselor, can know in advance the details of a large number of schools. Since the September 6th opening of micro live, Hunan Normal University launched a total of 8 live broadcast live for the first time, the amount of reading 60 thousand comments, more than two thousand, 8 live games total amount of reading reached 220 thousand people. The "red" micro live from freshman counselor teacher, counselors and students "red" and "face to face", for the new unriddling, led the new campus tour. Hunan University Student Work Department staff, Hunan Normal University in the new Internet mainly from the images and text content of publicity, this year added a new online micro live, is a new attempt, the display from planar to three-dimensional interaction, change, this kind of face to face very convenient and novel. The new students and parents welcome. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Fan Dian correspondent Chen Lirong Wu Juan Intern Jiang Manjiao)相关的主题文章: