Korean prosecutors exposure Park Geun hye has filed a new network of cronies acquiesced in breach of brock lesnar

Korean prosecutors exposure: Park Geun hye acquiescence of breach of privilege has its filing – trusted Beijing Beijing on 20 November, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean prosecutors 20 morning announced the interim results of the 3 key cronies door Cui Shunshi, An Zhongfan, Zheng Hucheng survey. Prosecutors identified, South Korean President Park Geun hye largely conspiracy crime, but because the constitution has not punishment is now president of the arrangement, the prosecution cannot in any park when she prosecuted. But according to reports, South Korean prosecutors have been regarded as the park Geun hye suspects, the official filing, and said it would continue to investigate the president. Pu Jinhui may not only be found guilty, but also may be prosecuted immediately after leaving office. Because prosecutors unexpectedly announced the identity of the suspect Park, park Geun hye acquiescence to the enterprise that forced donation, disclosure of confidential documents, is expected around the political agenda will speed up the impeachment of the president. Prosecutors found that the current government behind the powerful figure of Cui Shunshi through the park for the president to force the big secret security Jong 53 big companies to the Mir foundation and the K Sports Foundation donated 77 billion 400 million won (about 450 million yuan), and the prosecution of Cui Shunshi. To the actual forced donation of former president office is responsible for policy coordination of Chief Secretary An Zhongfan and Cui Shunshi suspected to provide government documents before the presidential Secretary Zheng Hucheng also sued affiliated. Prosecutors pointed out in the indictment, Cui Shunshi and An Zhongfan Park Geun Hye conspiracy". China News Agency reporter Wu Xu photo " src=" cnsupload big 2016 11-20 4-426 17b1be0b468047e6a03f08423dba8d6c.jpg" title=" November 19th, South Korea broke out in Seoul "cronies" interference in politics after the events of the fourth round of large-scale rallies, demonstrators chanted slogans for the resignation of President Park Geun hye is responsible for the incident. Organizers said more than 500 thousand people attended the rally in Seoul, police said the actual size of more than 100 thousand people. Day Busan, Daegu, Kwangju and other places also held demonstrations, the organizers are expected to participate in a total of 1 million people on the day of the rally. China News Agency reporter Wu Xu photo " > November 19th, South Korea broke out in Seoul "cronies" interference in politics after the events of the fourth round of large-scale rallies, demonstrators chanted slogans demanding the president’s resignation park is responsible for the incident. China News Agency reporter Wu Xu photo of each donation company said the statement, if not to fear, the company will face the project approval blocked, tax inspection, and had to obey the requirements of Anne Jong et al. Prosecutors identified two fund association of personnel appointment and removal of the right hand control by Cui Shunshi, Cui Shunshi from the foundation and suction gold established the sports brokerage firm The Blue K, and the development of the construction of sports facilities under the auspices of Lotte and other large enterprises and monopoly revenue plan. As the common principal offender sued an alleged rape of Pohang Jong group’s stake in the company to advertising with Cui Shunshi. The modern automobile manufacturers, forcing acceptance of adsorbent has a relationship with Cui Shunshi’s 1 billion 100 million won supply. An Zhongfan also.相关的主题文章: