Kjus Ski Wear Partners With World Class Athletes Including Bode Miller-aquaria

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Sport based gear and outerwear .panies work with professional athletes to do research and testing of their product, as well as representatives for their brand. The quality of the athletes generally reflects the quality of the brand in several ways. First the .pany in question has to be making some of the best gear available for top level athletes to be interested in using their products, and then in reciprocation the .pany gets feedback from the athletes .peting at the highest level of the sport. This reflects the technical side of the equation, the other side is the human element. Athletes are idols to many young people, whether they are active in a particular sport or not. Watching an athlete bomb down a Olympic Downhill run is inspiring to anyone watching but even more so to fellow skiers. These skiers admire these athletes and respect their opinion, so the gear they choose affects these people as consumers. The relationship with the athletes goes on outside of the .petition arena and into the real world where people get to interact with them, at press events, trade shows, award events and sometimes even on the slopes. So the athletes need to have the personal skills to handle the attention and interact well with countless fans. So the brand ambassadors need to perform not only in the field but on social settings as well. Performance ski wear manufacturer Kjus has had the good fortune of partnering with a host of world class skiers, including two of the most well know names in skiing. Bode Miller and Lara Gut, and we shouldnt forget the namesake Lasse Kjus as well as World Cup alpine ski racer from Switzerland Didier Cuche. Bode Miller has won six Winter Olympic medals, making him the most decorated Olympic skier from the United States of all time. In addition he is a two-time overall World Cup champion in 2005 and 2008, again making him the most successful male American alpine ski racer of all time. Many consider him to be one of the greatest World Cup racers of all time with 33 victories and only one of five men to win World Cup events five disciplines.In 2004 Bode became the 5th man to win World Cup races in the slalom, giant slalom, super-G, downhill, and .bined, no one has done this since. Today he is the only skier with five or more victories in each discipline. In 2008, Miller and Lindsey Vonn won the overall World Cup titles for the first U.S. this was the first sweep by the United States in the overall World Cup in 25 years. Bode choose Kjus for his ski wear because of their dedication to meet the needs of athletes and their standards of maximum quality and function, for those who are passionate about the sking. Bode has set standards with his racing experience and Kjus has done likewise with their ski apparel, both dont know the word .promise. Lara Gut is a Swiss World Cup alpine ski racer who like Miller .petes in all five disciplines, she excels at the faster events the Downhill and Super G. Lara won her first Olympic medal in Sochi. When asked why she works with Kjus she says: Working with KJUS is really a lot of fun. They have a great spirit and always try to develop their products further. Didier Cuche of Switzerland won the Super Gtitle and World Cup downhill title for the 2011 season as well as three previous titles, in addition to an Olympic silver medal. Didier chooses Kjus ski wear because: Design and functionality for me KJUS means un.promising clothing in every situation. These are just a few of the professional athletes from around the world that have chosen to work with Kjus to take their skiing to the next level. They choose Kjus because they are as dedicated to delivering the world best performance ski wear as these athletes are to winning. Hamilton Sports in Aspen, CO is a proud retailer of Kjus Ski Wear, stop by our ski shop or visit us online at Hamilton Sports About the Author: 相关的主题文章: