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Arts-and-Entertainment Despite their recent meteoric rise to the top of the charts, Kings of Leon has been around since 1999. The band consists of three brothers and their cousin. Raised by a travelling Pentecostal preacher, the Followill brothers were raised playing music at church events. When their parents divorced they relocated to Nashville and embraced the rock and roll lifestyle. Their name is taken from the name of their grandfather and also their father’s middle name, Leon. After attracting attention of a record label they "kidnapped" their cousin Caleb to play in the band and began a steady release of albums since 2002. The band’s sound was influenced by The Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, The Strokes, and The Clash. Although their music dabbles into country music and southern rock influences, it also contains dynamics that are all their own. In 2005, the band embarked on tours with Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam. Their 2007 album "Because of the Times" started to gain them international recognition and establish them as an important American Rock band. It wasn’t until 2008’s "Only by the Night" that the band truly found their sound and came into the public eye with the single, "Sex on Fire." This single had a driving beat and earnestly delivered vocals that didn’t sound quite like anything on the radio at the time. Following up "Sex on Fire", came an even bigger hit with the heartfelt "Use Somebody." It was this power ballad which propelled them straight to the top of almost every chart and stayed there for more than fifty weeks on many of them. The band has since then toured and released their follow up album "Come Around Sundown". Fans can expect to hear live renditions of all the hits from "Come Around Sundown" and "Only by the Night" as well as a mix of songs from their four previous albums. For those not familiar with the band, expect southern tinged rock music at its finest. The Kings of Leon do some great things with vocal harmonies, layered guitar sounds, and a pumping rhythm section. Expect an excellent rock concert with fans from all walks of life in attendance. Kings of Leon are most certainly world leaders in what they do, which is pumping out some of the best rock and roll that money can buy. The great thing is that they are now coming to Australia to make some serious noise and leave their mark, well and truly! With their unique way of bringing classic rock influences to life in a new way, the Kings of Leon do not disappoint. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: