King Bhumibhol of Thailand is in a state of health and doctors are closely watching ajviewer

King Bhumibhol of Thailand health doctor instability is closely observing – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, according to foreign media reports, the Thailand Royal Palace office issued a statement on the evening of 9 local time, said the situation in Thailand has not health of King Bhumibhol instability, the doctor is closely monitoring. The statement pointed out that on the afternoon of 8 doctors for Bhumibhol for hemodialysis, and the replacement of the discharged Bhumibhol lateral ventricle excess cerebrospinal fluid pipes. Since then, Bhumibhol’s blood pressure decreased, doctors and use of breathing machine, so that their blood pressure returned to normal levels. By 9 a.m., Bhumibhol’s pulse increased, and his blood pressure subsided, but his blood acid increased. Echocardiography showed that Bhumibhol’s pulmonary blood pressure increased, the blood injected into the left ventricle was significantly reduced. In the afternoon, the doctor was for Bhumibhol expansion of blood vessels in the lungs, the pulse and blood pressure after improvement. The statement said that due to the overall health of Bhumibhol instability, doctors are closely monitored. 88 year old Bhumibhol in the reign of the past few years, in recent years, he is not as good as the former health, long-term hospital nursing home, in January this year, was briefly discharged.相关的主题文章: