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JINGWAH times: Reform of the central finance division of the "plus" and "minus" – View – people.com.cn original title: Reform of the central finance division of the "plus" and "minus" fundamentally, reform of the central finance division is in the central decision-making, implementation of the local "mode in the reform of the taxation system as a breakthrough, to find a unified legal system, government and market unified governance mode. "Official guidance" of the State Council on the promotion of central and local powers and expenditure responsibilities to reform the 24 day. Opinions requirements, financial governance by the central government decided to moderate strengthening of the central fiscal authority, will be gradually to defense and foreign affairs, national security, immigration, national defense highway, borders necessary governance, prevention, major infectious diseases nationwide nationwide channel, national strategic natural resource use and protection of certain or divided into the central government power; speed up the study and formulation of the central and local income division scheme, to further rationalize the central fiscal distribution relationship, the formation of financial resources and powers to match the financial system. The views put forward, to 2020 to 2019, the basic completion of the main areas of reform, the formation of a clear framework of central and local powers and expenditure responsibilities of the. This is issued since the 1994 tax reform in the first division of the central powers of reform opinions. Tax reform in 1994, the tax revenue on the central and local interests, to enrich the Treasury, so that the central government to play a leading role in laying the foundation. However, division of tax reform does not involve the central government powers and expenditure responsibilities between the central local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities are not reasonable, as pointed out the guidance that some of this can be provided by the market regulation and social affairs, finance takes too much, while some of the basic public services should be borne by the government the financial commitment is not enough; this should be directly responsible for some of the central affairs to take place, some should be in charge of local affairs, the central bear too much. Unclear responsibilities and central to the game, is not conducive to the rational allocation and use of resources, is not conducive to the implementation of the central policy will also deepen reform in various fields, especially the tax system reform, straighten out the national governance system obstacle. Central division of powers and responsibilities of the reform, has been a top priority to deepen the reform of the relevant deployment. In 2013 the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee through the "CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues" and in 2014 the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee through the "CPC Central Committee on promoting the rule of law in a number of major issues" have been given to the central division of reform. Guidance issued by the State Council, in fact, is a further refinement of the central deployment. As can be seen from the comments, one plus and minus constitute the main line of reform. "One" is a moderate strengthening of the central fiscal authority. "Plus" not only emphasizes the power to collect, in fact also highlights the central fiscal expenditure responsibility. To eliminate the differences in development gap in the region, not internal and external development environment fluctuation, inclusive and ensure equalization of basic public services, to ensure national security, safeguard national unity, promote the coordinated development of the regional market of)相关的主题文章: