Jing Wei new city opened customized bus, unmanned ticket fare 2 yuan-alienware m17x

Jingwei Metro opened a custom bus ticketing fare 2 yuan yesterday, Xi’an Economic Development Zone Jingwei Metro 1, custom Bus Rapid Transit Line 2 officially opened, the rapid direct convergence Jingwei open area and the central area of Metro two Park City bus, marked by the open area of Jingwei Metro comprehensive function the efficiency of the service and further jumps. It is understood that Jing Wei new city custom Bus Rapid Transit Line 1, route 2, Xi’an District Administration Committee invested nearly 10 million yuan, Xi’an West Bus Co., Ltd. is responsible for daily operation and management. 1, 2 lines are set up 5 stops, equipped with 13 Jinlong gas air conditioning bus, flat peak spacing 30 minutes, peak spacing 20 minutes, the implementation of unmanned ticketing, ticket price 2 yuan. The bus rapid transit one seat, not the sale of ticket for standing room can provide APP service for customization, employees of enterprises entering the zone, the enterprise registration identified area staff can be reduced to 1 yuan fare. Jingwei Metro custom transit line 1 (Northern Line) 25.6 kilometers from the North made (station), ten road via Xi’an heavy industry, Weiyang road and West Road, China Road, Weihua Road, Jing Road, West Road, Fengcheng copper (Metro Line 2 Sports Park Station). To the district government center (station). Jingwei Metro custom transit line 2 (South) 26 kilometers from Jinghu (station) originating in the city, passing through ten road, Garden Road, Jing Jing Wei Qin Lu, Jing Wei China Road, high road south, West Road, Fengcheng copper (Metro Line 2 Sports Park Station), to the open the District Center (station). Tingting

泾渭新城开通定制公交 实行无人售票票价2元   昨日,西安经开区泾渭新城定制快速公交1、2号线正式开通,实现了经开区泾渭新城和中心区两大园区城市公交的快速直达衔接,标志着经开区泾渭新城综合配套功能和服务效率进一步跃升。   据了解,泾渭新城定制快速公交1、2号线路由西安经开区管委会出资近1000万元,由西安西高公交有限公司负责日常运营管理。1、2号线均设置5个停靠站,共配备13部金龙燃气空调客车,平峰间距30分钟,高峰间距20分钟,实行无人售票,票价2元。该快速公交一人一座,不售站票,可为入区企业员工提供APP定制服务,经过注册认定的区内企业员工票价可降低至1元。   泾渭新城定制公交1号线(北线)25.6公里,由北方智造(调度站)始发,途经西安重工、渭阳路、西金路、中钢路、渭华路、泾高南路、西铜一级公路、凤城十路(地铁2号线运动公园站),至经开区政务中心(调度站)。泾渭新城定制公交2号线(南线)26公里,由镜湖居(调度站)始发,途经车城花园、泾渭路、泾勤路、渭华路、泾高南路、西铜一级公路、凤城十路(地铁2号线运动公园站),至经开区政务中心(调度站)。周婷婷相关的主题文章: