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Jiaxing new marriage banquet placed on the table to sign the seventy thousand or eighty thousand province block marriage is an important day for each person, there are a lot of people will choose to lavish, after all, only once a lifetime. However, a bride today Xiaobian interview, she was wearing a very ordinary dress in the wedding banquet, but is not all simple, crab, lobster, no special expensive alcohol. What is this? Jiaxing Haining xucunzhen Patriotic Village of Wang Ronghua home bustling, September 25th is his son’s wedding day. Xu Xu with the impression that the wedding is different, today’s wedding was a bit special, frugal became the key throughout the wedding. For example, the bride in addition to the wedding, not prepared for a special luxury dress, but wearing a very ordinary dress. Moreover, they even location shooting was cancelled. Zhang said the bride, he did not pay attention to these forms, and the parents of this generation of hard to create wealth, it is not easy. When she married, as long as they receive the blessing of friends and relatives have been very happy. In addition to these, the banquet, the dishes, alcohol and tobacco, variety, small Wang are very thrifty. Each table is placed on a piece of plate, top write "CD · virtue". The groom said Wang, Xu village in recent years feast are generally more luxurious, but basically eat less, only more than the money saved. He felt that thrift is a virtue, but also a kind of attitude, he would like to use their own actions to call on everyone to thrift. According to the wedding banquet chef, king crab to more than 1 thousand 1, but also to hundreds of lobster, now these things do not, a table of dishes can spend a lot less money. It is understood that the couple with a thrifty wedding saved purse a red envelope, to serve the country village children and care fund members haoxuan chu. Because the couple, they received a written "Kim Tak" plaque. This approach, in fact, from the second half of last year has many towns and villages in the home advocate, Wang Ronghua took advantage of the good practice of lead. Before a 5000 table banquet now removed half a wedding, you can save seven, eighty thousand. The table is cheap in addition to civilization Wang Haishan and Zhang Xiaoyan’s wedding day, there is one important thing: the third "Haining Culture Week" and many towns and villages in the civilized table cheap "theme promotional activities in Haining Xu village country cultural village hall open exhibition. In the activity, to the leading group 7 family practice civilized table action issued by the civilized table demonstration households "certificate. There are a lot of new representatives signed the chef banquets and civilized dining undertaking, provisions of the above table number, number of dishes, the number of gifts. From the second half of last year to now, many towns and villages focus on customs activities, and vigorously promote the civilized table action, advocating frugality work ethos. Now, more and more families are beginning to accept this way of doing things. Xiao Bian nagging: marriage is a life event in need of attention, but it does not mean that the wedding to lavish, so frugal practices worth learning.相关的主题文章: