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Jiang Zhipeng: the konghan has become history fans will see a bloody country foot – Beijing Xinhua Shenyang August 28th sports news (reporter Li Zheng) national football left back Jiang Zhipeng said in Shenyang on 28, close to 90 and 90 players, koreaphobia has become history. Although we are inferior to the South Korean team, but the fans will certainly see a bloody Chinese team. As played in the Eredivisie Tevez Zhang Yuning arrived in Shenyang on the morning of 28, preparing for the 2018 World Cup 12 strong Asian Games Chinese team finally gathered all the players. At 16:30 in the afternoon before the training, the Orangemen left back Jiang Zhipeng accepted the media interview, he said, we were the last team to enter the 12 strong team, so we will put a low profile to spell every opponent, the first two games in South Korea and Iran are Asian teams, but China will not give up, we will let fans see the bloody Chinese team. From the historical record, Chinese against Han Guosheng more negative, "koreaphobia" was Chinese football lingering psychological shadow, but Jiang Zhipeng said, konghan should be a thing of the past, for we are close to 90 and 90 players, there is no konghan argument. We should be concerned about what will happen in the future, let bygones be bygones. At present, there are a number of South Korean coaches and players in the super effect, which makes the Chinese team defeated opponent intelligence advantage. In this regard, Jiang Zhipeng said: the South Korean team for each of our players certainly understand a little more, but they do not know what we are playing together, playing. Through this training, we expect to play a good game." The national team has been training in Shenyang for nearly a week, the players physical condition is gradually adjusted to the best, Jiang Zhipeng said, the amount of training for the two days is relatively large, will feel a bit tired, but the latter will have physical adjustment, should not be a problem. Although the field position is fullback, but Jiang Zhipeng’s long-range effort is very terrible, he jokingly said: "if the opportunity will boom foot." The national team on the morning of 29 will be in Shenyang for the last training, 29 on the evening of 19, they will fly to Seoul, the first round of 12 for the September 1st.相关的主题文章: