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IPhone 6 touch screen failure Apple also has design flaws? Eskimo (Tencent) – if your iPhone 6 and the Plus have recently failed to touch the screen, you might want to know that this is not an example. According to a number of media reports, there are more and more iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users have claimed that their mobile phone has a touch-screen failure. IPhone 6 touch screen failure which may due to the design defects of touch screen failure is not what rare mobile phone failure, but this time the problem seems to affect only the 6 iPhone and 6 Plus users, with increasing frequency, which is somewhat unusual. According to media reports, when the problem occurs, the top of the phone screen will appear a gray flashing stripes. The iFixit said that the user is basically powerless for this problem, in addition to the replacement of the phone’s logic board, replace the touch pad on the logic board, or to buy a new machine. If your phone has not been insured, it is best to immediately after the replacement of the new machine. In fact, Apple seems to know the problem exists, but has been indifferent. IFixit recommends that users go to third party service providers to deal with the problem if they do not want to buy a new phone. As for the cause of this problem, iFixit said the design of the touch screen controller itself. Source: Ubergizmo相关的主题文章: