Inventory of newborn wonderful physiological phenomenon, novice parents should pay attention to! Soh yvette yates

Inventory of newborn wonderful physiological phenomenon, novice parents should pay attention to! Today is mother – Sohu for everyone to take stock of several kinds of neonatal "exotic" physiological phenomenon, in fact, as long as a lot of understanding, will not do a ~ baby diapers, sometimes born a few days to see blood, this is menstruation? This is a fake menstruation, is a normal physiological phenomenon of newborn baby, part 5~7 days from vagina a little bloody secretions, such as menstrual like, or discharge of non purulent secretions, one week. The above two cases are normal physiological phenomenon, mainly due to the disruption of estrogen from the mother, parents can not be too worried about anxiety. Two, some children born yellow, is it sick? Due to the metabolic characteristics of neonatal bilirubin, about 50%~60% of full-term infants and 80% of premature infants will have physiological jaundice. Full-term infants in 2~3 days after birth jaundice, 4~5 days, 5~7 days to subside, but generally not more than 2 weeks, and more premature jaundice appeared 3~5 days after birth, 5~7 days, 7~9 days can be dissipated, the longest can be extended to 3~4 weeks, the daily increase of serum bilirubin, some three days baby after birth weight will not rise to fall, is improper feeding? A week after birth, babies because of insufficient intake of milk, and water loss, meconium discharge, there may be a temporary weight loss or physiological weight loss, at about 3~4 after birth in Tianda the lowest decline in the range of 3%~9%, then gradually recovered, 7~10 days after birth to return to birth weight. If the weight loss of more than 10% or up to tenth days has not yet returned to the birth weight, the pathological state, which is the need for parents to take the baby to the hospital to ask a professional doctor to analyze the reasons for the examination. In addition, after the birth of timely and reasonable feeding, can reduce or avoid the occurrence of physiological weight loss. Four, what are the common physiological phenomenon of newborns are more likely to cause parents to worry about it? The most common and "horse teeth", neonatal breast enlargement, neonatal erythema and whitehead. In the oral palate midline and gingival area, there are small particles, the grain size of the white, commonly known as "horse teeth", "horse teeth" is a normal physiological phenomenon, mainly due to the accumulation of epithelial cells or mucus gland secretion retention form, after a few weeks can be naturally dissipated, parents can not remember. Prick, in order to avoid infection. But a few newborn babies have a premature tooth in the lower incisor or other parts, which is called on medicine or birth neonatal tooth teeth, the most easy to fall off due to premature tooth activities of respiratory inhalation, therefore, to be removed. Some men and women born after 4~7 days of neonatal breast enlargement, such as the size of beans or walnuts, 2~3 weeks after the extinction, avoid squeezing, so as not to cause infection. 1~2 days after Bao Baosheng, in the head, trunk and limbs often appear in different sizes of polymorphic papules, known as neonatal erythema, 1~2 days after the natural disappear. As a result of sebaceous gland accumulation of small grain size in the nose, nose, facial white rash, called "newborn Whitehead", after peeling away naturally.)相关的主题文章: