Introduction to the gospel 3000 yuan price SLR camera recommended stellarium

Introduction to the gospel of 3000 yuan price SLR camera recommended in this article from the good friends online once upon a time, SLR is a professional symbol, is the choice of high-end users. When Canon EOS 300D became the first million yuan SLR, we are looking forward to. Now, the SLR’s past products to superior, everyone can be very low price to buy a DSLR camera. Today we recommend to you a few 3000 yuan will be able to buy SLR camera. Nikon D3400 Nikon D3400 is a generation of models based on the D3300 to improve a number of entry-level models. From the portrait of the fashion to the avant-garde street shot, or distinctive gourmet experience, Nikon D3400 can easily capture. The standard sensitivity range of the Nikon D3400 D3400 support is wider than the previous D3300, starting from ISO 100 to ISO 25600. With the EXPEED 4 image processor, the combination of light or in the dark room at night is a dark scene, also can produce high resolution pictures and animation with less noise. About 24 million 160 thousand effective pixels and low-pass filter design of the camera can give full play to Nikkor lens resolution. Nikon D3400 D3400 is equipped with D3300 popular boot mode. Users only need to follow the "guide" (operating instructions), the camera will be able to zoom in the distance, or clearly capture moving objects. And you can use a variety of ways to edit images, such as blur background or emphasize the main subject. Editor’s point of view: D3400 D3000 series is another perfect. After several generations of products, Nikon’s entry-level SLR series has a very good performance, with its low price, the price is very high D3400. Product type: Nikon D3400 (18-55mm Lens Kit) reference price: 3099 yuan Nikon D5500 (quotation picture Forum) Nikon D5500 is the first equipped with flip touch screen, and built-in Wi-Fi (R) function of the Nikon digital SLR camera. By about 24 million 160 thousand effective pixels, Nikon DX format CMOS sensor and EXPEED image processor with the combination of the 4, the D5500 can provide excellent image quality and a wealth of reduction capabilities, to achieve excellent detail reproduction. Click on the picture to see the Nikon D5500 D5500 details with an integrated structure composed of carbon fiber composite materials and new internal structure, the whole body is more compact and lightweight, while maintaining high strength and durability. In addition, the thin body design of the deep groove handle, can provide stable grip and excellent portability. Click on the picture to see the details of the Nikon D5500 D5500 support from ISO 100 to 25600 broad standard sensitivity range, shooting even in the dim light conditions, can stably and reliably obtain excellent image element相关的主题文章: