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Internet health care, where the money (economic hot spots) – Finance – People’s online consultation can be paid online, patients can also be a doctor. People’s vision of Internet technology has spawned many new formats, the traditional medical industry have begun to net". The Internet "drops of hospitals, doctors, online inquiry and other new formats such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, APP, mobile phone WeChat, Alipay also have medical figure. In the "Internet plus" outlet, ancient medicine for thousands of years are also undergoing profound changes. What exactly has the Internet changed? Where is its value and tomorrow? "Air" to "Internet plus" registration, counseling, health management, hospital network and other new formats continue to emerge in Hangzhou, Mr. Qian Beijing Ms. Chen is the "surge" of the experience of medical internet. In February this year, Mr. Qian at the clinic in a hospital network Internet Hospital Department of Cardiology appointment. Last October, Ms. Chen to visit the hospital because of fracture hypertension, so the doctor drops ", the appointment of the United Family Health Care doctors door-to-door service. No queue 3 hours, 5 minutes to see a doctor without trouble, can not find the expert outpatient service, network problems, "the doctor drops" Internet medical new formats appear, people are breaking the traditional impression of medical. In addition to the above two kinds of new formats, "Internet plus" "plus" on the online consultation, appointment registration, waiting reminder, charge, diagnosis report query and so on, the drug also "plus" on the distribution, reminder service, chronic disease management and medical service Internet new form of wearable, portable etc. mobile health and AIDS combined, to accompany the elderly to go to the hospital nurse escort service, customized according to customer requirements of the private doctor service etc.. In the "Internet plus" tide, rain doctors, good doctors, good health, safe doctor Ali APP, is becoming more and more popular. Reporters analyzed, dazzling internet medical platform from the nature of division, probably can be divided into three types: one is the pure medical platform, carry out medical peripheral services; two is the intermediary platform itself is not engaged in medical treatment; three is a network of hospitals, namely entity hospital to build their own Internet hospital. These formats based on the Internet, cloud computing, big data technology, improve people’s medical experience, shorten the waiting time, and also remote inquiry optimizes the allocation of medical resources, improve efficiency, expand the beneficiaries. The integration and innovation of Internet plus medical ", indeed for people’s life has brought great convenience. Chinese deputy researcher of population and labor economics academy of Social Sciences Chen Qiulin believes that the Internet Medical brought many advantages: the first is to enrich the medical information; the second is convenient, especially for some specific populations and specific diseases is more so; another is cost saving, through the Internet information interoperability, to control unnecessary costs. Medical treatment is difficult and expensive, the medical industry pain points, one Internet intervention will show explosive growth. In May this year, Ping An Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ping An Health announced $500 million financing to become an Internet Medical相关的主题文章: