Internet broadcast service management regulations to protect the healthy development of the industry tianbi

"Internet broadcast service management regulations" to protect the industry healthy development of Sohu News – National Internet Information Office November 4th release of "Internet broadcast service management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), directed at the Internet broadcast services pain points on the webcast platform management responsibility, the scope of services, the security mechanism of the explicit request at the same time, to encourage multi governance, protect the healthy and orderly development. Broadcast platform frequency statement: "Regulations" landing due will protect the healthy and orderly and sustainable development of the "norm" in November 4th after the release of the main frequency is a live broadcast platform position in 2016 the first year, the Internet broadcast service is developing rapidly, the scale of users has exceeded 300 million, accounting for nearly half of Internet users in general, huge market cake attracted participation, with the the bottom line without competition, speculation, violence, pornography, vulgar content with serious harm to the market order and hinder the healthy development of the industry become a cancer live "". No bottom line of indulgence will only produce a terrible "freedom", no management of barbaric growth will damage the healthy development of the industry. In this regard, the main broadcast platform have to make a stand, in the industry believe that the prosperity and development of chaos. However, the "Regulations" issued and landing the right time, will effectively protect the entire broadcast industry healthy and orderly, sustainable development. Ying Ke live believes that the "Regulations" development from the system level to establish the standard of the industry standards, is conducive to the protection of the Internet broadcast services market healthy and sustainable development, help to foster positive network culture, and for the majority of Internet users especially young people to create a delicate gas is the network atmosphere. About science and Technology (a broadcast, second shot, small coffee show parent company) also stand to comply with laws and regulations, adhere to the correct orientation, to create a healthy network culture environment to live, is a prerequisite for promoting the sustainable development of the industry, the fundamental is to protect the orderly competition broadcast industry. Micro-blog, pepper live, six rooms in the interpretation of understanding, the "Regulations" issued timely and necessary, not only clear the main responsibility of enterprises, but also established the basic norms of the industry, thus reversing the excessive and disorderly image of industry in the past, at the same time as the law-abiding live enterprise escort. "Regulations" against the difficulties and pain points to the Internet broadcast service to the Internet broadcast service will truly abide by the rules and laws by the specific contents, the "Regulations" on the internet live in the difficulties and pain points, for the first time defined the national network information office and all levels of regulatory responsibilities, a clear definition of Internet broadcast, at the same time comparison system overall, live on the Internet access service, supervision and management work made detailed provisions, the Internet broadcast service really have to. According to the principle of reflecting off the background real name, that this provision is conducive to the broadcast platform, forming the harmonious and healthy network environment, to promote the Internet broadcast service users civilized, healthy Internet, at the same time for the protection of young people will also play a major role. The "provision" clearly calls for Internet broadcast platform to establish and perfect the information from the system, process, technology, personnel and other aspects of security!相关的主题文章: