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Video-Conferencing InterCall Unified Meeting is an integrated audio and web meeting solution that allows you and your participants to meet in an interactive environment at any time, from anywhere, and without any reservations. InterCall Unified Meeting lets you .municate and collaborate with your participants seamlessly, with powerful features that turn your mundane, run of the mill conferences into interactive meetings with just a click of your mouse. Features include: 24/7 customer support Record and store Regardless of your .munication needs, InterCalls Unified Meeting lets you conduct remote meetings that are as engaging and effective as an in-person ones. About InterCall InterCall understands that .munication is vital to running a successful business. As the largest conferencing service provider in the world, InterCall serves over 400,000 individual conference leaders in more than 75,000 organizations across the globe with audio, video and web conferencing. Its strong nationwide presence includes 26 sales offices, 5 call centers, and is strengthened by an international reach that extends to Japan, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, France, Latin America and the UK as well as over 140,000 global conferencing ports. Whether youre looking to connect with people across the street, across the state or across the country, InterCall has a solution for you. With a team of more than 1500 operators, 500+ meeting consultants, customer service reps, call supervisors, marketing, IT and accounting professionals, InterCall can keep you connected with your clients, employees and partners anytime, anywhere, and without breaking the bank. InterCall offers the broadest range of services to support the unique and changing needs of all businesses. Their strategic partnerships with Adobe, IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft provide you with numerous conferencing options and greater flexibility. PGis goal is to craft dynamic and immersive workplaces with their .munication technologies where the world goes to collaborate. Its a leading global conferencing service provider of cutting-edge audio conferencing and web conferencing solutions, PGi provides technologies designed to help people collaborate quickly and intuitively If you would like more information on InterCalls conferencing services, give one of our professional account managers a call today. We work with the industrys top providers of audio conferencing and web conferencing services to help you find the ideal solution for your business at the best available price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: