Install an application on iPad to make it touch bar tinyos

In a iPad application to make it a Touch Bar video loading, please wait… It becomes Touch Bar automatically play forward and backward a computer and a iPad now has Touch Bar Sina mobile phone news on November 7th morning news in iPad with a play application, some foreign developers to do a App, can make iPad new MacBook Pro Touch Bar touch function. Touch Bar touch with the new MacBook 11 to mid to late in the hands of the user, some developers in order to experience this new hardware, do a iPad version of the application Pro. After the installation, the iPad through the data cable connected to the Mac, you can simulate a similar Touch Bar operation. Probably the effect such as video demonstration. Although it is a copycat version, so far no real good experience, but it can make people almost no cost to experience Touch Bar, let you know how it works. At present, this application has been open to play? You have to determine the following conditions: 1 computer system version is macOS Sierra build 16B2657, is already in the system supports Touch Bar. 2 Touch Bar Demo App v1.1 installed. (download) 3 connect iPad and Mac with data lines.  相关的主题文章: