Industry co governance + statutory bodies speed up the internationalization process of Shanghai free

"The industry governance + legal institutions" – Shanghai free trade zone of Lujiazui area, acceleration of the process of internationalization of Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 27 (Miu Lu) "(since the Lujiazui Financial City Development Bureau) after the listing, the Lujiazui financial district (Lujiazui city) the work of the international level in further speed." Chinese (Shanghai) director of Lujiazui Free Trade Zone Management Bureau Wang Hua 27 to accept China News Agency reporter said, "the future of this new statutory agency team will be first-class, dare not say the world class, but certainly Chinese class". Shanghai Free Trade Zone listed on the upcoming three anniversary. As part of the Shanghai free trade area, Lujiazui financial district has been thinking about how to make use of the advantages of international financial center fta. Wang Hua said that the core advantages of Shanghai FTA is institutional innovation, the Lujiazui area, the most important thing is the transformation of government functions, the construction of a new management system. Wang Hua mouth in the construction of a new management system and mechanism, it is the use of financial institutions, the advantages of a high degree of concentration, the first to test the water industry governance + statutory bodies of public governance model. August 24th, Lujiazui City Council, the Lujiazui Municipal Finance Bureau in Shanghai, the development of the company was established on the market in. Lujiazui City Finance Bureau of the overall operation, but also marks the Lujiazui City Management Department officially changed from government agencies to enterprises. The operation of enterprise of nearly a month of time, in addition to "change the internal operation mechanism", which is the operation of the internal administrative institutions, and now is a statutory body in the operation, Wang Hua felt the "degree of internationalization in ascension". It is understood that the FTA with the demand for talent to increase and enhance the degree of internationalization of the city of Lujiazui, the city of Lujiazui is preparing to train talents, Wang Hua said, "ready to 14 famous universities in the country to November this year, will also be the first talent train to london." In addition, the Lujiazui financial district is also the implementation of the financial elite training program in London, the project was organized by the Lujiazui financial city and the city of london. In recent years, the main economic indicators Shanghai FTA test area Lujiazui area has always maintained steady and rapid growth. During 2013-2015, tax revenue to maintain an average annual growth rate of 14.5%, in 2015 to achieve 67 billion 192 million yuan, an increase of 19%; the first half of this year economic growth rate is the highest in nearly 10 years, revenue grew 42% last year. (end)相关的主题文章: