Individual users will not disturb the user password after riding these small yellow car into the new guitarpro5

Individual users will not disturb the user password after riding these small yellow car becomes the new net free – 1 yuan per hour ofo small yellow car to provide convenient public travel, but recently some people find that the corresponding lock some small yellow car is actually the password password, press the lock, can "free ride". Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found that only because of a small yellow car a car password, and many users ran out of use, and did not like the ofo required to disrupt the password after the lock car. Ofo brand official admitted that the company is testing a new lock to improve this problem, but also calls for the user to use civilization. A password is not disrupted after Mr. Cai found that he had been riding the ofo small yellow car recently a little strange, "I was about to open the mobile phone after receive the password lock, but accidentally found the lock on the corresponding is the string of numbers, as long as the use of a finger to open the lock on". The first time that the matter after Mr. Cai encounters second times not to regard it as right, just let him realize this is not a coincidence, after testing, he found out that each ofo small yellow car lock password is fixed, the so-called "one car a password, that is to say, as long as a person by the end of this did not disrupt the password after the car, the next person will be able to free ride". Reporters from the online search found that Mr. Cai said the situation in the riding circle is not a secret, many people have encountered the same experience with mr.. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters are concentrated in the yellow car near Wudaokou visits found that although the car software requires the user after each ride "sliding lock car lock, password reset (password will upset), prevent malicious use of others, but in practice there are still people out of the car after the lock off. The reporter encountered 7 small yellow car, direct button in the password is not obtained in the case of the lock, a vehicle lock was snapped open, after riding without charging no software tracking, really "free" car (pictured). Subsequently, the reporter entered the car license plate number on the car software, the password is the password corresponding to the number of the car lock. For the use of civilization who lives in Huilongguan Xiao Zheng is the small yellow car of iron, she admitted that she knew this "loophole" in ofo, but not to try these". "1 yuan per hour, is the test of the quality of everyone. Whether the v-mobile bicycle, municipal public bike rental, or ofo small yellow car, there are always some people who want to break the rules for cheap, disruptive and fair". Public Liu believes that this is a people without civilization car, but there is no guarantee no one will forget to lock the car really worried upset the password, yellow car this is not reasonable design. Ofo companies should find ways to plug these loopholes, after all, only rely on people consciously civilized car or difficult". Will promote the dynamic lock in an interview with the ofo shared bicycle brand PR person in charge Mr. Lee, he said, the small yellow car had been using a mechanical cipher lock, because compared to the electronic lock, password lock signal by a variety of external factors, such as weather, can better provide users with convenient, but the problem the mechanical lock password is single相关的主题文章: