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In the text, some people call "mother" woman take it for granted that his son was cheated 20 thousand SMS mobile phone text messages with the increase in the pressure of entrance examination now, a variety of cram schools also increased. Recently, there is a mother to support their children to enroll in the cram school, and so she handed the tuition fees, only to find the enrollment of the tutorial is a liar. At noon on September 15th, lives Jiulongpo Liu when working son received message said: "Mom, I want to enroll in an English class a professor at the Harvard University opened, many of our students have participated in, but now no quota, you immediately contact with director of admissions, his phone number is 15520202067, I if not the name of the newspaper, you rest assured, I signed a Study hard, don’t let you down." Liu Mouyi was touched to learn such a good son, he promised: "without demur! Mother believes in you." With the director, she immediately made contact, the other said only 2 places, so she quickly transfer. Liu Mousheng is afraid of being robbed by places with Alipay mobile phone, immediately transfer 9800 yuan to each other. After the transfer is complete, Liu Mouxi even said "mother and son to help you grab places!" My son said, "Mom, I’m going to report two courses, the teacher said that only a bad effect." Liu said he did not so much money Alipay bound on the card, then work with another card to transfer registration, the son played the small temper: "no, I did not learn." , afraid of hitting the child’s enthusiasm, Liu quickly to his sister called, let her help turn 9800 yuan to the director. After the transfer, Liu also told his son, his son is very happy, in the text message has been determined to learn their own good, Liu felt very pleased. Afternoon, Liu son received a telephone, said his school, let Liu to pick him up on the phone, Liu speaks English class thing, son said no such thing ah, Liu realized that he might be cheated, immediately took out his mobile phone to view messages, that give her a message the telephone number is not the son, but a local number, is your message to see the inside of a called up his "mother", is that his son is most probably it did not actually happen to send the information, the results would be cheated 19600 yuan. Liu regret, immediately to the Kowloon police station alarm. Police tips: in the case of family and friends involved in the request of money, be sure to get in touch with me, it is best to see me, face to face verification. Do not blindly transfer to each other, so as not to cause property damage. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Intern Intern Li Qin reported相关的主题文章: