In a – upset! The Yellow Sea zall Chongchao 0-1 foreign aid broke the slow pace of Sohu

In a – upset! The Yellow Sea zall Chongchao 0-1 foreign aid broke the slow pace of Sohu sports 1-0 the Yellow Sea Johnson who embraced Ferrara Thatcher to celebrate the Beijing time at 15:30 on September 24th, in a 28 round match, Qingdao the Yellow Sea away to Wuhan zall. Lakic was injured, Johnson broke the tip, Liu Qing hit the door once hit the crossbar, finally Qingdao the Yellow Sea’s 0-1 loss to Wuhan zall, missed the opportunity to climb. The last round of League away defeat of Meizhou Hakka get the key way to avoid relegation from the championship with 3 points, the current situation, the drow 34 does not seem to be a special security score, if you want to be successful, still need to continue to get ashore. The the Yellow Sea round lost to Shen Xin, let oneself originally have Chongchao advantage all gone, but from the competition process, the Yellow Sea lost some and lose the game rather baffling, also let Shen Xin officially become this season, "the giant killer". The desire to avoid relegation, and home court battle, Xinhua Road has always been known to the home court in key nodes, the Yellow Sea Chongchao encountered such opponents is not an ideal opponent, but to win is not impossible, or more to adjust their attitude, in order to let the team in a little pressure state under something on the road. The first half of the game, second minutes, the Yellow Sea team corner, van Lingjiang corner kick, hit the road closed, the two sides heading the ball to the point. After the ambush Song Zhiwei volley shot. Seventh minutes, Song Zhiwei front left low ball, was off to rescue the sideline crespy. Sixteenth minutes, Thatcher counterattack, midfielder Johnson picked the ball, Xu Yougang have booked. Then drow pass in the left front of two flank, Huang Bowen after the point chanshe dapian. Twenty-third minutes, Han Qingsong left the ball into the box, Lakic hit the door was blocked. Twenty-fourth minutes, he left the ball break restricted area on the left side of the curve ball, after being out of the top edge of Gao Xiang. Twenty-sixth minutes, the Yellow Sea manufacturing murder, Gao Xiang restricted the right pick Road, Lakic tongshe Sun Shoubo Qiangdian stopping attack blocking, Lakic collision goalkeeper fouls. Thirty-second minutes, Ottesen midfielder scrimmage elbowing opponents booked, Crespi free kick, hit the wall. Then Kang Zhenjie took the ball back, Han Qingsong tactical foul to eat yellow card. Thirty-eighth minutes, the Yellow Sea substitution Fonseca for the injured, rakich. Forty-first minutes, Crespi long pass, Fonseca got the ball around the edge of the area hit the door was blocked. In forty-third minutes, the Yellow Sea forefront ball, straight front road, Fonseca breakthrough hit the door was confiscated. The first half of the match, the two sides stalemate. Easy side battles the second half, forty-seventh minutes, periphery road Barrantes got the ball forward, given a half lob, box second placement by Kang Zhenjie, direct low shot by goalkeeper get. Forty-eighth minutes, Thatcher broke the deadlock, Thatcher won front left ball, the curve ball, after a volley, saved by Liu Peng, Johnson bushe scored, the Yellow Sea zall 1-0. Fifty-first minutes, Thatcher substitutions, Qiu Tianyi replaced Ottesen. Then Fan Lingjiang相关的主题文章: