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I’m afraid I have to pay an overdue tax after Apple Facebook billions of dollars in Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, after the EU Apple pay huge taxes, other tech giants are likely to be in the same position, that is Facebook. Moreover, the company has been subject to tax investigation. The EU ruled Tuesday that the Irish government reached agreement with apple to apple for more than 10 years in the EU from almost all of the corporate income tax, therefore, need to pay Apple $14 billion 500 million in tax ireland. Ireland’s tax agreement with Apple has raised questions about Facebook’s tax arrangements in the country. Facebook has a large operations center in ireland. "The European Commission may investigate whether tax arrangements for Facebook and other technology companies are similar to apple," said Reuven, a professor at University of Michigan law school, Avi-Yonah. A Facebook spokesman said: "we operate wherever we are, according to the law." But she didn’t answer questions about Facebook’s tax arrangements with ireland. She pointed out that Facebook will continue to invest heavily in Ireland, including the construction of a new headquarters and data centers outside of Dublin. Facebook tax operations have been investigated in the United states. Last month, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sued Facebook, asking them to submit documents on how to transfer assets to Ireland in 2010. IRS suspects that Facebook’s accountants have reported some of the value of their assets as "billions of dollars"". Facebook said in its quarterly report in July that the company may need to pay more than $3 billion to $5 billion in taxes due to IRS. IRS’s survey focuses on how these assets are valued in the transfer process, rather than how they pay for Facebook after they leave the United states. Independent tax expert Robert · Wellons (Robert Willens Facebook) that, if not with the Irish government reached exactly the same with the apple tax arrangements, the company may also have been investigated in the EU, because anything in exchange for investment in Ireland with the government to tax arrangements are likely to be affected to the EU apple award. (compile wing fly) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章: