I don’t want to buy a cosmetics, this is not the life I want. – Sohu-lara fabian

I don’t want to buy a cosmetics, this is not the life I want. Sohu – there are many missed, but I don’t want you and I click the blue words, can hold me up up up the Kyle I know a couple of boys, 85 meters, is the village basketball team, although the company is doing the basic work, but there are a lot of girls are dark Xu. The girl is new to the clerk, student summer internship, very juicy, do things and reliable, arrived soon quickly from a pile of interns inside out, the boss also very love her, needless to say, many people pursue her. They finally got together, we didn’t feel a bit strange, langcainvmao ~ the local customs, is married to a great feast, please the people in the village with the wedding, but also to build their own house, a cover layer is three, married, probably will spend hundreds of thousands of. The family conditions are relatively poor, the bill for the wedding of two couples to the relatives and friends to borrow money coming up, although the wedding was very successful, the house is built very beautiful, but a young couple was on the back of hundreds of thousands of debt. Once through the market, see the girl, just want to say hello, but she was selling vegetables and the noise interrupted to aunt. She said: "you do not say a pound of food 2.8 yuan? The food is not so fresh, you accept me 2.5 yuan!" After a dispute, the final turnover of 2.5 yuan. She saw me, and I was embarrassed to say hello. Alas. I asked her what happened. She said that now the pressure is very big, used to live is the home of the princess in the house, room and board are home, did not want to marry back so much debt, so much pressure, a dish to bargain, go out a car to tangled repeatedly, even to buy cosmetics are reluctant, this is not me want to live. This is not the life I want. It’s not what you want. However, this life is continuing. Figure: petals net I don’t want to be life bound, once I found myself in the siege, inside, I will try to escape, whether it is a hole in the wall, or build a ladder, or call a helicopter. In order to avoid falling into their "do not want to live, I hope I can make a pot of gold in life, give yourself a little choice. In the present society there are many runways, such as civil servants, academic, business, entrepreneurship, state-owned enterprises, foreign invested enterprises, patrimony and so on. Everyone has their own advantages, but the choice of runway is more important. We think he is a snowball, good you determine your weight, different runway above the snow is not the same, such as Chaoyang industry more snow runway, the runway is longer, so when you roll down easily snowball, you roll speed depends on one of your efforts point plus luck. When I was in University, I chose to do a part-time job, selling materials, selling clothing culture, from one person to the organization from the team, without any experience to finally become imitated other competitors, from Mom and Dad take the cost of living of ordinary college students to a monthly income of 50 thousand, get your own life first bucket of gold. The first pot of gold.相关的主题文章: