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Hundred kilometers with only 5 liters of oil? The new LaCrosse 30H long experience – Page second: Sohu automobile fuel consumption performance & vehicle configuration and driving that point thing, we’ll talk about the configuration of the vehicle. We the test drive is lacrosse 30H luxury, the price is 305 thousand and 800 yuan, in the whole vehicle configuration and lacrosse 28T luxury, including the price is, just because the battery has cancelled the relevant rear seat configuration adjustment. Summary: on this universal set of hybrid technology, "complex structure, simple operation" basically can be summed up, but in the actual use of the process, the new GM lacrosse 30H also gave me a surprise performance, the average fuel consumption comprehensive 6 days can reach 5.1L hundred kilometers, although slightly higher than the official calibration of fuel consumption, but for a mid size car still relatively amazing. Especially in the middle and low speed road fuel consumption performance, basically reached the nominal value of the manufacturers. A daily driver, lacrosse 30H to ensure the comfort of the premise, but also to ensure plenty of power, especially in the naturally aspirated engine low torque power shortage, the motor to make up for the 30H in the whole, lacrosse has better dynamic performance. (Editor: Cao Hao)相关的主题文章: